Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trump Thrives on World Center of Attention in His First Full UN Speech

I am sick of seeing this well-rehearsed and practiced Trump pose
(Thumb-to-Index Finger sign)

Trump’s maiden UN speech – he goes off the rails… and as expected, mostly about him.  – Story from this great rundown here (The Washington Post).

The speech and my notes:

I watched and listened to the 44-minute speech, and I got mixed signals and now how a stark reaction to most of it.

I admit that some parts were good, very good in fact; his intro and ending, but most everything else in between was harsh, threatening, mean, or politically staged for and about him - material to spoon feed to his red meat base, who BTW already hates the UN and our involvement. Score that Trump 1 - UN and the World 0.

Important key parts:

1.  The threat to “totally destroy North Korea” and thus as president of the United States threaten to kill some 25 million people, and that is not even counting those in South Korea who would die within hours long before he could complete his deed on North Korea (Note: Seoul alone has some 20 million).

2.  His threat to kill the Iran nuke deal – which most GOPers also hate and want to see it tossed.

3.  Then the many threats to other nations by name and reason.

FYI: Is it important to know that North Korea does not bother with or care about U.S. threats or those by anyone else. They are the masters of threats and PR stunts for anyone who ever seen any of the North's fancy parades. 

What Trump failed to mention and possibly does not even know however is that war there would wipe out South Korea, too... as I said millions in Seoul (which is a mere 30 miles from hundreds and hundreds of North Korean artillery and missiles aimed directly across the DMZ to the South).

They would die within hours including thousands and thousands of U.S. military personnel and thousands and thousands of American civilians as well as other nation citizens who live and work in and around Seoul.

Followed by that, the North would probably as a last ditch stand hit Japan and fling missiles all across the Pacific as far as possible. 

All that would overflow into China and Russia, both land-connected to North Korea.

Does Mr. Trump really advocate such a massive action just to remove one lunatic like Kim, Jung-Un? Tough talk and threats are insane. But, Kim and Trump are both pros in that game of hyperbole, emotional stunts, and massive PR attention. 

Folks, we may be on the brink of the end of time with this Alpha Male pissing contest.

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