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Trump Budget in Simply Easy-to-Read Graphs: Raw and Graphic (So, Hide the Kids)

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Trump's “Bottom Line” More Since January 20, 2017
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A taste of what lies ahead (no pun intended) from this excellent series of charts from The Atlantic – which highlights this fine story:
To afford a beefier military, Donald J. Trump intends to substantially cut a slew of government departments, like the EPA and DOL.
(I note: Cuts to the EPA is what most of the GOP and a slew of others have wanted for years (hell with clean air we need to breath, safe water to drink or even safe food, and cuts to the DOL which makes GOP & Business anti-Union types gleeful with their happy feet dance).
Since the president has promised to maintain spending on entitlements like Social Security and Medicare, he intends to shift the burden of paying for his defense program to the government’s smaller agencies, some of which are responsible for keeping workplaces safe, monitoring air and water quality, and making sure the government’s bills are paid on time.
Impact: Nearly two-thirds of the cuts come from departments that constitute only 20 percent of the budget.
His budget outline would fund some federal departments at the lowest level since the 1980's, when adjusted for inflation.
On first glance, Trump’s push to increase military spending might seem reasonable. After accounting for inflation, his proposal would fund the Department of Defense at 2016 levels — which, you know, was only two years ago.
(I note: Ironic that Trump and GOP considered those days as: “Obama cuts”).
Granted, the U.S. no longer has hundreds of thousands of troops fighting overseas, as was the case for most of the last decade. Nor does it have a belligerent rival superpower to outspend, as it did with the USSR.
Trump made no secret of his ambition to increase military spending, so perhaps voters have shown they support a modest increase.
Time will tell, but it doesn't good and then add to the public, the expense for building his wall, which BTW is the lie of the century. 
Continue the article… excellent graphs of what lies ahead (well, maybe a pun was intended after all).
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