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Come on Mr. and Mrs. GOP Make Up Your Mind: Hate ACA or Love ACA

Conflicted GOP (Super PR Stunt)
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GOP Plan for the ACA (Obama-care)
(Oops, no replacement plan right now)
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Historical Healthcare Cost Facts
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FROM the Heritage Foundation and their PAC: “Heritage Action”
It simply cannot be overstated, S. CON. RES. 3 represents the only mechanism to expedite the Obamacare repeal process and thus deliver on six years of campaign promises.”
(I Note: So a campaign promise is the key to tossing 20 million Americans under the bus or in the nearest sewer - I see, I see).
(Updated: It did pass the Senate 51-48 and the House (235-188) straight party line with 4 GOPers who did not vote. The 4 are pending Trump nominees for higher office).
And the Heritage threat or promise to the GOP (mostly to the GOP): We support S. CON. RES 3 and will include it as a key vote on our legislative scorecard to measure how members voted.
Let’s be very clear on this S. Con Resolution 3 (Senate Concurrent Resolution number 3) is NOT law. So, what are concurrent resolutions? (Mostly flair for political points back home).
1.  It is a resolution passed by both the House and Senate but is not presented to the President and does not have the force of law.
2.  In contrast, joint resolutions and bills are presented to the President and once signed, or approved over a veto, then if enacted, have the full force of law.
Concurrent resolutions are generally used to address the sentiments of both chambers or to deal with issues or matters affecting both houses. Examples of what concurrent resolution address are things like the budget and spending limits and now today, set the scene to repeal the ACA (Obama-care). 
Current Resolutions do not have the full force of law based on a 1983 USSC decision that ruled the practice was unconstitutional the case of INS v. Chadha 462 U.S. 919. And thus ended that practice since they were also sometimes used to override executive actions via a mechanism known as the legislative veto, thus not legal.
More from those whacko’s at the Heritage:
The importance of repealing Obamacare is more than simply fulfilling a campaign promise; it is about beginning the process of expanding choice in and lowering costs of a health care system that is currently bankrupting the nation, hurting hardworking Americans, and slowing economic growth.  There is no mystery why Americans, on everyday matters that directly concern them, continue to oppose the ACA law (Obamacare) law. Those reasons:  
1.  Health insurance premiums continue to burden businesses and families.
2.  Obamacare generates big and surprising out-of-pocket costs.
3.  Obamacare reduces insurance competition and consumer choice.
4.  Obamacare destroys jobs and discourages employment.
5.  The overall health care cost curve is “bending” upward.
6.  Obamacare imposes major tax increases on America’s middle class.
7.  Medicare payment cuts threaten seniors’ future access to care.
8.  Obamacare increases deficits and debt.
9.  Obamacare forces Americans, in direct violation of their rights of conscience, to fund abortion through their own tax dollars.
10.  Obamacare imposes arbitrary rules and costly mandates.

I say the GOP’s hatred for Mr. Obama still drives this argument and has since 2010 (when it became law) and probably ever since Mr. Obama took office nearly a full 8 years ago (Noon on Jan 20, 2009) even as the country faced the darkest economic days since the Great Depression. In short, this GOP has no shame, yet they remain shameful.

Their illogical argument follows: Obama is bad and thus so are his policies awful, just terrible, horrible in fact (sounds like words Trump repeats in the same sentence), so we must repeal and replace the ACA (Obamacare) and everything he ever signed into law or by Executive Order since 2009 and then erase any record of him ever even have serve as president…
Related sites with good info:
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2.  Kaiser Family Foundation (good health care trackers).
So, can the GOP be one huge bunch of liars and fact seekers at the same time? I say nope, but watch them try their darndest.
Let’s hear it, boys–all together now: Waa Hoo…!!! Now, a timely valid message for the GOP: 

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