Saturday, May 26, 2018

Trump Attacks and Gets NY TIMES Story Dead Wrong and Purposeful as Usual

Fits like a custom-made glove

Birds, feather, flock fits, or were these two separated at birth

Trump continues to both amaze and show his total ignorance about much of anything except his own Trump Empire, Inc. goings on. 
Case in point:
Trump as usual, up arms about this story … simple solution to the semantics and word games is: Tell the public who the “Senior W/H Official” was in this case as noted below, FYI: everyone wanted to know who the FBI informant was and now we do… so why can’t we officially know who the W/H official is in this story that over 50 reporters met with? 

What is the W/H afraid of, I have to ask, honestly.

The story from the: NY TIMES.  
This story mirrors Trump and his mentor: Alex Jones – reflect on this.
“Mr. Trump posted on Twitter to denounce part of the article, which reported in the 10th paragraph that “a senior White House official told reporters that even if the meeting were reinstated, holding it on June 12 would be impossible, given the lack of time and the amount of planning needed.”
His contention in the tweet – which I have to say is getting to be a sick ritual: 

The Failing @nytimes quotes “a senior White House official,” who doesn’t exist, as saying “even if the meeting were reinstated, holding it on June 12 would be impossible, given the lack of time and the amount of planning needed.” WRONG AGAIN! Use real people, not phony sources.

The Facts: It is not clear whether the president was simply unaware of the actions of his own senior staff or if he knowingly ignored the truth. The source of that sentence was a White House official who held a briefing on Thursday afternoon in the White House briefing room that was attended by about 50 reporters, with about 200 or so more on a conference call. Reporters often request such briefings to be on the record, which would allow the official to be named. But, in this case, the rules of the briefing imposed by the White House required that the official be referred to only as a “senior White House official.” The Times is continuing to abide by that agreement.
My 2 Cents and Question are Simple: Why the W/H rule imposed those rules with all those reporters present is mind-boggling. Did the “senior W/H official” wear a mask or hood and use a voice synthesizer?
In the course of the briefing, the official was asked about the possibility that the summit meeting could be held on June 12, despite the president’s decision to cancel it a day earlier. The discussion was prompted by earlier statements from the president suggesting that the meeting might still happen.
Has no one noticed how the Trump base has picked up his assault phrases and name calling on the media and any facts of the story, plus good reporting, on individuals private and public, and on the FBI and most of our Intelligence services?
Trump has turned public opinion into a harsh way not seen from any American president at this hyped level in memory.
Now Trump loyalists mimic him and his ways, and it shows just how nasty and vicious he is and how they have adapted.
These are very, very dangerous times for the country – really it is.

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