Monday, May 21, 2018

The R-in-C (not real RNC): Nope, the Country's “Ranter-in-Chief” Not Much Else

I heard your long, simple question. Sit down, shut up, and listen
(SOP for Donald J. Trump)

Buy way of introduction to this post, remember this nasty insult at NFL players – standard Trump:

Real Presidential Right? Yeah, right...

Trump’s alphabetical insult weapons package (A to Z):

Always Attack: Everything Democratic, good, decent, fair, and just.
Blame: Barack Obama; Brennan; Bureau (FBI); and Black Bankers.  
Crucify: The Clintons (mostly Hillary), and Comey.
Defame: All government intelligence branches and their work.
Evade: The truth at all costs; stick to the script and keep based fired up.
Forget: The facts, just trust FOX.
Gouge: All opponents including allies in Europe.
Hamper: All things you don’t like and love Hannity.
Ignore: All things you don’t like, especially the truth.
Jam: All rational dialogue with slanted and massive PR and Tweets.
Kick: Everyone in the ass whenever convenient.
Love: Only FOX and Trump-friendly media namely Hannity.
Mash: All opponents all the time, like McCabe.
Never: Give in – Never.
Oppose: Congress unless they do it to benefit Trump mostly.
Perform: 2016-style rallies often with same fervor as any con-artist would.
Quietly: Prepare for 2020.
Retaliate: Against everyone especially Rosenstein, Comey, and Mueller.
Slander: Constantly and target minorities all over the country and globe.
Trounce: Opponents as often as possible (probably daily).
Utilize: FOX daily and only FOX; they fluff you and you praise them.
Vacillate: Daily to keep media off balance and in doubt.
Walk: Away from hard media questions; Dodge, duck, deny, dismiss.
Xerox: Old speech rally phrases and use constantly for max impact.
Yammer: Catchy phrases to reinforce the narrow-minded followers.
Zigzag: Every day to keep media busy fact-checking and keeping score.

Summary: Fluff, favor, prop up, and praise with tons of kudos the only thing that truly matters to Trump — that is:

Donald John Trump: “I’m the most successful person ever to run for the presidency, by far. Nobody’s ever been more successful than me. I’m the most successful person ever to run.” (Trump told the Des Moines Register in June 2016).

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