Saturday, April 21, 2018

Trump Empire, Inc. “Art of the Con” Playbook Rules: All Other Rules Do Not Apply

Trump Business Model Bible for all Deals 
(No Exceptions / No Deviations)

Sample Project Under Trump Rules

This summary from the main article linked below could just as well

The former Trump insider, Steve Bannon, once hinted darkly about the Trump family’s exposure to money laundering. S/C Robert Mueller has already secured an indictment of Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman on charges of money laundering related to his work in Ukraine.

Federal prosecutors now are reported to be looking into Jared Kushner’s family firm over its use of a federal immigration-related program that offers wealthy Chinese investors visas in return for investments Kushner Companies have denied any wrongdoing.

(Insert: That program is the EB-5 visa program, which offers visas to foreigners in exchange for a $500,000 investment. More here from PBS and here from CNN – both related stories).

The Trump family’s business entanglements are of more than historical significance. Americans need to be sure that major foreign policy decisions are made in the national interest — not because of foreign ties forged by the president’s business ventures.

The main post starts from here with this headline:

By PETER FRITSCH and GLENN R. SIMPSON (founders of Fusion GPS research)

Sub-heading: “Forget Stormy Daniels. The business records subpoenaed by Robert Mueller might be Donald Trump’s greatest legal headache.”

Read and absorb the story and explicit details therein.

Now, my 2 cents: Most-revealing and telling article, isn’t it?

So, what can “We the People” now expect as any kind of outcome?

My first guess: Not much, and why not?

This all-neatly outlined article is just too involved, too interlaced, too political, and with too many ties and connections for any rational or logical or legal conclusion to be reached by mere mortals like me and you.

But, I do give Trump credit for one quality: His con-artist skills, which he has honed for 30-40 years – he now owns the United States just like his newest branch of Trump Empire, Inc., and his major partner is of course, Vladimir Putin.

Together they will divide the planet in half along “East-West” lines as they go hog wild as twin dictators.

But that is just my hunch based on what I just read and everything since Trump took office and Putin just won a life-time seat in Moscow.

Whether that presented above is true or just “fake news” (Trump’s favorite phrase for the facts or anything he does not agree with), remains to be seen. But, as I said, what if all this is true, then what? 

We shall see or will we? Stay tuned.

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