Saturday, February 3, 2018

Trump Goals Working in Tandem with Putin Strategy and Nunes-GOP Helpers

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Know the difference between the two 
(Most GOPers do not apparently)

Never forget or try to deny this absolute that all we have seen, continue to see, and hear and know or don't about the whole truth of this past year under Trump Empire, Inc.

His past dealings and the current sole beneficiary of it all of is: Vladimir Putin and his massive disinformation machine still effective since the early 1920's.

Quick historical note: Disinformation is a term related to a Russian (former USSR) “tactical weapon” started in 1923, when the then Deputy Chairman of the old KGB (precursor of the State Political Directorate (GPU) Józef Unszlicht, called for the foundation of “a special disinformation office to conduct active intelligence operations.”

The GPU was the first organization in the old Soviet Union to utilize the term disinformation for their intelligence tactics (gathering and disrupting foreign systems). That trademark in Russian is: “дезинформация” (English: Disinformation).

So, my simple question is this: How and when will the GOP accept facts and the truth of any media story, any report, or any investigation that is based on empirical evidence instead of sticking to their hardline opinions and narrow views or that which they cherry pick from FOX news (e.g., Sean Hannity types), or broadcast over rightwing Talk Radio and TV by the likes of conspiracy nuts like Alex Jones, or in print from Breitbart and other sorts of rumor mill spin?

This all is not over by a long shot despite the GOP efforts to harm or stop or greatly diminish the Mueller investigation – that is a fact.

Stay tuned and as always thanks for stopping by.

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