Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hannity and FOX Backpeddling Like There's No Tomorrow and Maybe There Isn't

Mueller Firing Story Trump: “I never said that” – 
(The evidence says otherwise)

Fox's strategy is not unlike GOP strategy and it can be seen clearly in this story update – surprising from FOX’s point view but SOP for them, too at the same time. 

FOX is a GOP clone. Let's be honest about that:

FOX distorts things. They pass bogus information with lots of hype. They blame everyone except themselves. Sometimes they make minor corrections but usually only after being caught red-handed with their drawers down, and always after all the major damage has been inflicted, even sometimes when it’s very personal damage on people. 

Along the way they duck, dodge, and deny and ignore the facts and truth.

I support and defend free speech and freedom of the press 100%, but with FOX, it’s easy to make an exception to that golden rule since they suffer from a bad case of forgetfulitis – that is the most-critical parts: Honesty and accurate reporting.

The FOX slogan: “Fair and balanced” in reality means “unfair and unbalanced.” And, I would simply add: very unhinged 24/7. There are a few rare exceptions on FOX: Shep Smith and Chris Wallace are pretty level-headed reporters and enjoyable to watch at times.

Proof positive here with Hannity on Fox via MSNBC (about 6-minutes) of this story: This speaks for itself.

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