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Trump Leading GOP War on Low-Income Americans Healthcare Coverage

Another Trump EO that Gets Huge GOP Applause
(Applause from GOPers with great healthcare plans
who also hate low-income Americans)

Three Updates to this continuing story: 

Call this latest update the third (October 14, 2017). This update poses this question: Are the 4 million plus supporters of Trump still cheering?’  

That is after this sick, sick man just signed an EO that hinders and hampers and hurts them - based on this very good AP story analysis?  

If so, and they still stand by and cheer wildly for and with Trump, then they truly are in need of mental health intervention and ASAP or “stat” as the medial folks yell out in an emergency (i.e., from Latin “statim” – which means “instantly” or “immediately”).

I also wonder: How will Trump pander to, spin, or try and peddle this, um?

I surmise he will spout something like: “I had to do this – the DEMS and GOPers were all against me and not for you, but I am with you. They forced me to take these steps. Now just watch and see them react. In the end this will be a beautiful deal. It will be the most-beautiful deal ever. Guaranteed. Believe it.”

Or, some other similar BS con-man statement. Just my hunch. Wait and see.

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A second update: Do you want more proof that Trump is a raving maniac and totally out of control and in over his head? If so, read this sick response from him on the ACA cuts to low-income Americans that he wants in place – full report link below: 

The first update is here from NY Magazine — The Daily Intelligencer. 

First, it is opening two loopholes to allow healthy people to purchase unregulated insurance, splitting the market and loading more costs onto people with expensive medical needs.

Second, it announced tonight it is ending cost-sharing payments to insurers who take on low-income customers.

And, premiums are going to rise in the meantime, because insurers are subjected to greater uncertainty and the now-demonstrated knowledge that the administration is deliberately sabotaging the law they are operating under.

These changes are designed to put pressure on insurers, increasing premiums by an average of 19 percent, and even splitting up the individual insurance markets. Whether they will succeed is yet to be seen. States committed to making Obamacare work will find solutions that keep their markets intact.

Indeed, there has been a marked difference in the premium levels of states that are trying to help cover their citizens (Blue states) vs. those that aren’t (hint: Red states – no surprise there, um?).  

What’s more, by withholding payments promised in law, the administration is exposing itself to a lawsuit it could very well lose (e.g., NY AG Eric Schneiderman has already announced his intention to sue and 16 other states will join in and sue Trump).
Original Post From Here: So, Donald J. Trump is the president if all the people – well maybe not the needy it would appear by this action – his latest “EO – Executive Order.” Details here with this introduction from the Washington Post

And also from the NY Times here … The GOP cheering is truly sickening, isn’t it? Must be a “conservative” thing?

Yes, it would appear so. Disgusting to say the least.

Trump is throwing a bomb into the insurance marketplaces created under the Affordable Care Act (ACA: Obamacare), choosing to end critical payments to health insurers that help millions of lower-income Americans afford coverage.

This decision will allow “alternative health plans” to skirt the law’s requirements.

(I note: Maybe Conway named it “alternative health care” kinda like you know: “Alternative Facts?”)

The White House confirms that it would halt federal payments for cost-sharing reductions, although the statement did not specify when.

According to two people briefed on the decision, the cutoff will be as of November. Those subsidies total about $7 billion this year.

(I further note: That health care coverage to millions is care that million for the first time in their lives have a decent plan – but, obviously Trump could care less).

Trump has threatened for months to stop the payments, which help eligible consumers afford to pay for their deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses.

(My final note: W/H officials held off while other administration officials warned him that such a move would cause an implosion of the ACA marketplaces that could be blamed on Republicans – but again, Trump could care less – BTW: He has super care, um?).

Summary: Trump is a very, very sick man. He treats low-income Americans (which BTW low-income means they have a job or two or three) like trash to be thrown out on DPW pick up day.

It must be a GOP conservative thing all the while advocating huge tax breaks to the top and hope it “trickles down,” right? – Yeah sure.

Stories continue at the two links above. 

Now stay tuned as we wait on the fallout to see what the all GOP-run congress will do or react to this awful deal.

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