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Trump's 1st Historical Moment in History: Ready to Launch Preemptive Nuclear War

Trump Says: “We are Locked and Loaded” for Preemptive War 

Both Cut from the Same Cloth and Both Suffering from the Same NPD

On any given day assume there are 100 “top” stories around the country and globe: Also bet that the vast majority will be are focused on Donald J. Trump.

Also, bet on the facts that he loves it, he seeks it, he strives on it, and he needs a daily dose of attention and affection.

Now he has the ultimate attention of the planet: All eyes are on him, and he loves it...

Trump says he is “locked and loaded” and ready for North Korea… that possibly means a major preemptive strike on North Korea over what? His and Kim’s “war of words” but not much else except to prove who has the biggest ego…!!!  

Define insanity: This is surely it and in 140 character tweets…

Simple Q: Who in the hell around Trump has a cool or level head – 

Simple A: Apparently no one with even half a brain.

Of course, every nation has the right of self-defense but to Trump that means attack first and find and explain a valid reason later – but not against this routine and rather standard and commonly-known raw North Korean propaganda statements we have heard since 1948 under NK's first leader: Kim, Il-Sung (Kim, Jung-Un 's grandfather).

We have only once (by my count) thus far in world history only attacked one country based on words or ideas or thoughts but not deeds or attack on us (like Pearl Harbor in December 1941). 

That of course was in Iraq and launched over our perceived (and later proven to be false) notion that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons and had massive WMD's ready to hit us with. They did not have WMD's and look at Iraq 15 years later – a total mess.

I shudder to think or picture a massive attack from North Korea unleashed on Seoul. Millions would be dead in a matter of hours.

Personal Note: I served in Seoul while in the Marine Corps on active duty with the Naval Advisory Group, and then later as a DOD civilian for over 12 years, plus plenty of temporary duty at various times.

I have many, many friends and relatives there today.

Or is Trump playing this like another billion-dollar product or building adventure deal: That is to hype things to the umpteenth degree and then when it looks most gloomy (always for his opponent) he does what? He inks a deal to avoid disaster or calamity and claims the moral high ground no matter how he got there.

Solve it and claim victory for himself – giving not a single twit about anyone or anything else except his brand name, fame, fortune, and more spotlight and attention for himself. Is that what we see here today?

God help us…!!!

Can we see nuclear war over two crazy men bully each other trying to prove who has the bigger dick? This is utter insanity by any definition.

Highlights of Trump’s off-the-cuff press conference:  Sitting alongside VP Mike Pence and CIA Director Mike Pompeo at his golf club resort in NJ.

Comments by those who observed and those around him are below (my emphasis):

“It was like he was a dam that had suddenly burst free and he was able to unload a lot that was on his mind.” (Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley).

“Relegated to merely watching the spectacle was new W/H CofS, John Kelly. Two things Kelly apparently could not control were what would Trump say and how long he would keep talking.” (Said some reporters in observing the PR show).

“This is what General Kelly will learn very quickly, which is when you put this guy in a cage and think you’re controlling him, things like this happen.” (One Trump confidant in anonymity said).

“All that was vintage Trump – who is a performance artist who loves being on stage. It was very much Trump unshackled and unfettered and reveling in this moment – he was in his element. I don’t think it’s a good thing. Donald Trump in his element is someone who’s living in his own private Idaho, inside his own head. He’s constantly scripting how he sees the world and his role in it. (Said Trump biographer Tim O’Brien).

“Trump lives to be in the arena himself. He realizes that the best way for him to control his message is to be the message” (Said Sam Nunberg, a former Trump adviser).

“Trump was eager to prove that he is hard at work on his vacation and the visibility helps galvanize his base of supporters at a time when polls show his support softening.” (Said some senior White House officials who reached out to say how much their boss enjoyed the exchanges).

“He has been restless for days and ready to share his thoughts on what this “one of the juiciest, newsiest periods of his presidency. The president proved again that he is the best messenger and communicator in his White House. The rest of us are serviceable understudies. From the campaign trail to the presidency, he gets joy on the job, and part of his joy is engaging with the fourth estate.” (Said Kellyanne Conway, counselor to Trump).

“This is what has made him a success in everything he’s done for the last 40 years.” (Said Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former fired campaign manager echoing Conway’s remarks).

Other Trump PR points:

Trump made news on North Korea’s nuclear crisis: “Things will happen to them like they never thought possible.”

On his frustrations with GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY): “Mitch, get to work!”

On the FBI’s pre-dawn raid of his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort at his home: “Pretty tough stuff.’

On the opioid crisis: “It’s a national emergency.” 

(But nuclear war is not a national emergency or more apt: Crisis??)

On banning transgender people from the armed forces: “I’m doing the military a great favor.” 

(Do what: Kick out those already serving or degrade those who have served??)

Trump spoke briefly about these points:

Perhaps Trump’s most pathetic remark was to say he was thankful that Putin expelled hundreds of U.S. diplomats from Russia. He said it helped with our budget problems (Loyalists will say it was merely a joke!!)

Said he was still weighing a decision about troop levels in Afghanistan.

Said he still has confidence in a pair of embattled senior aides, NSC adviser H.R. McMaster and AG Jeff Sessions.

Said he is working to modernize the U.S. nuclear arsenal (Note: That Obama started but which Trump has not and never will admit).

Said he hunting down “leakers” who share sensitive information with journalists.

Assessment of all that:  

Trump’s impromptu answers could cause headaches for his administration in the days to come.

For example, his comments on North Korea are unlikely to calm jitters around the world over the escalating nuclear brinkmanship now brewing between him being erratic and erratic Kim Jong-Un.

This episode reminded some in Trump’s thrill ride orbit of a news conference at the end of the RNC Cleveland after he was nominated in June 2016. Aides had succeeded in keeping him buttoned-up and on-message through the week-long convention. This event in Cleveland was supposed to be a quick thank-you event to honor his local supporters the morning after he gave his formal address accepting the GOP nomination as they moved toward the general election.

Instead, Trump effectively free-wheeled, reviving feuds with former rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich and even defended the journalistic credibility of the National Enquirer after it published an unsubstantiated charge about Cruz’s father.

My Summary: We are in uncharted territory and rough uncertain hours and days lie ahead (and I emphasize “lies” ahead). 

I ask in stark honesty: Has it all boiled down to this??

Sadly, all we the people can do is sit and watch and eat our popcorn as we watch this all-encompassing new Trump Reality Show move to the next segment. 

Bathroom breaks need to be quick and fast or practice holding it.

Stay tuned.

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