Monday, August 7, 2017

Presidential Visit to China: “Daughter and Son-in-Law Setting It Up” – Why??

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This news headline caught my attention for this post:

My Note: Not are these two novices in such state-to-state arrangements, but she is the president’s daughter and he is the president’s son-in-law – both unpaid White House staffers with no diplomatic experience and also husband and wife – how ironic and bizarre is that?

Meanwhile, more than a half-year after the start of the Trump administration, the job of Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia remains vacant.

Noteworthy: People who have occupied that State East Asia position in the past have included prominent Americans like Averill Harriman, Dean Rusk, William Bundy, Philip Habib, Richard Holbrooke, Paul Wolfowitz, Winston Lord, Richard Solomon, Christopher Hill, and Kurt Campbell (most recently).

But, so far in that state position under SOS Tillerson and Trump: Nobody.

America’s allies and friends in Asia, such as Japan and South Korea, are always nervous about a presidential trip to China. They fear secret agreements or understandings. They need to be regularly briefed and reassured that their own interests are being taken into account. 

I conclude with this: I can’t but help but wonder and ask, will Kushner and Trump-Kushner work the EB-5 visa program ($500,000 a pop) from investors to America and chance for Green Card and avenue to citizenship like Kushner’s sister did a short while back for her brother (Jared)’s monetary building needs?

Various reports about that Kushner family ploy can been seen here (NBC News), here (LA Times), and here (Daily Beast).

This is insane to have one business-linked family like this dealing in such high-level foreign affairs and the like … I’m a bit out of sorts comprehending this whole Trump whatever we choose to call it — like (my choices are): scam, con, shady deal making.

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