Sunday, July 23, 2017

Trump Unloads Again on Mueller and His Investigation and His Nerves are Frayed

Trump and White House Nerves Vis-à-Vis Mueller

Trump's Public Standing 
(His disapproval hovering around 60% for a long time)

Major Headlines That Raise Concerns 
(Both Public's and Trump's)

Comments That Can Lead to Constitutional Crisis
(We do not need but may get regardless)

I posted earlier here on this same subject, but with different links and in general terms, etc.

This update supplements that earlier post. I believe the above slides and this video (about 7-minutes) speak for themselves – enjoy:

SC Robert Mueller on the job (at least for now)

This chapter in this sustained saga will only continue until the Mueller report is released – assumes we even reach that point – which now grows in doubt daily, or so it seems, but then the intense legal battle will take over.

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