Sunday, July 30, 2017

Trump Loyalists Cut From Same Insulting, Mean, Nasty, Offensive, Vile Cloth

One of the Meanest from the Trump Mean List
(Roger Stone)

Trump surrogate sounds off. I suspect next to hear from the T-in-C (Tweeter-in-Chief).

Stone's sound bite headline got me to thinking, which sometimes is not a such a good idea (smile). This from Stone us pretty nasty but also in line with Trump's MO:  

Roger Stonea controversial longtime adviser to Trump, said that about McCain for voting against the repeal of the ACA (Obama-care) in the final GOP bill. 
That is pretty profound yet not unlike most Trump loyalists or should I say Trump lackeys?


Speculation Time: I wonder if it is possible (slim I suspect) but possible that all we have seen and heard and now are waiting to see with the two on-going Congressional intelligence committees and of course with Robert Mueller's deal re: Trump-Putin/Russian ties, etc., that in fact it all is a clever, slick, well-planned, and carefully orchestrated Trump plan.

Outcome: Trump is “cleared” and comes out on top and then says to us all in a major TV address: “See I told you so – I’m clean – so now reelect me and let me finish my job.” 

So …

Trump sails through 2020 as top dog and of course, goes unchallenged. I wonder, is Trump really that savvy with keen logical foresight and careful planning skills to do pull something like off?

As for me, I don’t think so, but it makes for a fair question nevertheless, um?

Only time will tell. 

On the other hand, I wonder how much time we have before Trump totally explodes and does something so rash that the entire planet goes up in flames. That would be more to his liking than merely being cleared of any wrongdoings. 

All this in my view. Stay tuned, we shall see.

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