Saturday, July 29, 2017

Trump Inc. New Cash Cow: Government and Taxpayers Labeled “Suckers я Us”

CEO of Trump Empire, Inc. and Only Board Members

At the current Trump “time-off” spending rate – mostly at his own family-owned properties – he is on track to spend more in one year that Obamadid in 8 years.

Plus, a lot of that “income” goes right into the Trump Empire, Inc. kitty which since he has not diversified per se, he has money for his use right at his fingertips.

Reference story is here: Trump has spent 25 days at Mar-a-Lago since he took office, prompting sharp criticism about the visits and questions about whether Trump was financially benefiting from them.

Trump has also been accused of using Mar-a-Lago for official government business by hosting world leaders there, including Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who stayed at the resort in February.

Shortly before Trump's inauguration, Mar-a-Lago also doubled its annual membership fee to $200,000.
And more from here re: Trump's campaign paid his businesses $8.2 million (even before he took office).

How ironic it all that, and then some?

Folks, we have been had… Trump loyalists for their part: They are still waiting on the trickle effect to kick in. 

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