Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Pence to Trump: WTF is Going on With Donald Jr., Kushner, Manafort, and You

Psst: I hope the mic is not hot

New Story, New Twist: Call to the outside media are coming from inside the White House — or near it, at least, or so it seems – the Q is: Why and from whom?
A remarkable set of facts about The New York Times Sunday (July 9) report of the meeting of a Kremlin-linked lawyer and Donald J. Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort is (1) “that the story was sourced to three advisers to the White House, (2) briefed to them about the meeting, and (3) also to two others with knowledge of it.”
Subsequently, the Times obtained Trump Jr.'s email exchange with the publicist Rob Goldstone to set up the meeting with the Russian lawyer.
That is the exchange during which Goldstone promised damaging information about Hillary Clinton obtained “as part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump.”
Jr. responded not by saying: “What Russian effort to support my dad?” but rather, he was giddy and wrote back: “I love it especially for later in the summer.”

FACTS: The Times cannot have gotten the emails from Goldstone. Why not?
• The Times knew that Trump Jr. had “forwarded the entire email chain to Jared Kushner's company work email
• Also, forwarded to Paul Manafort at his Trump campaign email address.
•  Goldstone wasn't included on that forwarded mail (can be seen clearly from his own publication of the email chain on Twitter, but only after The Times called him for comment about it for their follow-up story.
Thus, five people in or around the White House have been spilling highly incriminating information to The Times about Don Jr.'s meeting via an email chain that only Kushner, Manafort, and Don Jr. had possession of, but they made their way to The Times. How is the key question? All this raises a bunch of other interesting questions, like:
1.  Why are some people close to the White House trying to destroy Trump Jr?
2.  People also acting in such a way that risks destroying the whole Trump presidency along the way.
3.  Why the dribs and drabs of info in a manner designed to inflict maximum political damage?
4.  And, is it a mere coincidence that this is happening right after the president's long meeting with Vladimir Putin?
Who knows for sure, but one can imagine that there must be some group of people in or around the administration who believe they stand to gain from these disclosures – again, why?
Some might say it's possible they're disclosing the info effort at “collusion themselves” for altruistic or patriotic reasons – but that seems very likely, so why?
My Hunch: Maybe for revenge, out of some sort of anger, some sort of political disgust or dislike, or for a whole lot of money, or just simply to get attention and thus fame around the globe? Again, who knows – but the public does have a right to know. Interesting story isn’t it nonetheless?
More later I am sure.  

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