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Hamburg 2017 G-20 Conference: Donald J. Trump Out of Touch With Old Ideas

G-20 2017 “Class Photo” in Hamburg (July 7, 2017) 
(Trump was far left then Fr. Pres. Emmanuel Macron.ran up to stand by him 
and take away his embarrassment

Introduction: G-20 2017 for Trump near utter failure on just about all fronts. Detailed excellent story here from the NY TIMES:

Regarding Trump’s attitude and approach to government in general and not world events and duties as president, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and a few other GOPers have noted and said that when Mr. Trump screws up, and he does crazy-ass things almost daily it seems, that: “Well that’s who he is. He is still learning the ways of Washington and a novice at politics about how the game is played.”

My Note: Yes, he is a novice and a dangerous one, too.  BTW, Mr. Ryan and others too blind to see or admit to what you see, being President of the United States IS NOT a fricking game. BTW where is his finger? I’ll tell you, it’s near the “red button” as they say. I don’t mean his finger in the wind, or his finger in our collective eye, or even his middle finger at the world. I mean near the WWIII nuclear trigger which demands a level-headed, logical think – of which he is not. A simple Rick Perry “Oops” will not suffice after the fact, either…!!!

Closely related to this topic is this most-interesting segment from MSNBC on basically what Russia wants vis-à-vis the hacking/interference story… if you haven’t seen it yet – it worth the time (about 16 minutes):

The handshake heard around the world...

From the TIMES article this stinging rebuke: “Where previous American leaders saw their power as a benevolent force, and were intent on spreading prosperity through open markets and multilateral cooperation, Mr. Trump has portrayed himself as a nationalist, a unilateralist and a protectionist, eager to save American jobs.” And nowhere was Mr. Trump’s isolation more evident than on the issue of trade.

Summary: “What recent events have underscored, though — and especially at this G-20 — is that no nation is today large or powerful enough to impose rules on everyone else. In advancing his views, Mr. Trump has alienated allies and made the United States seem like its own private island.” 
My View: I strongly believe as do most Americans think that Trump is flat out wrong to think or image or attempt to prove that we as a major world power and leader for decades can now somehow “go it alone” – not in this modern age – not one bit. It is foolhardy to think that way at all – period.

Finally I wanted to post graph extract from The Guardian with a key question regarding the “real Donald” and his dealing with the truth:

Have Trump and Putin met before? We know for sure that G-20 (July 7) meeting was their first since Trump became president, but it is not clear whether it was their first ever. 

Over the past few years, Trump has variously claimed to have either met Putin and “got along great, or to have never met him.” Here is his account of their relationship began to change during the election campaign:

•  2013: David Letterman asks Trump whether he has met Putin personally.He's a tough guy. I met him once,” Trump replies.
•  2015: Talk-radio host Michael Savage asks Trump point-blank whether he has ever met Putin.Yes. One time, yes. Long time ago,” Trumps says, then he adds:Got along with him great, by the way.”
•  November 2015: Trump says he got to know Putin “very well during a joint television appearance on 60 Minutes.” Trump's segment had been taped in New York, Putin's in Russia.
•  July 2016:  At height of the election campaign, Trump tells reporters: “I never met Putin, I don't know who Putin is.”
•  July 2016: Pressed by George Stephanopoulos in an interview on ABC, Trump says:I don't think I've ever met him. I mean if he's in the same room or something. But I don't think so.”

As for Putin, he has denied meeting Trump, telling Megyn Kelly on NBC in June 2017: “There was a time when he used to come to Moscow. But you know, I never met with him.”

More at the NY TIMES link above … a very good read to say the least.

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