Friday, June 30, 2017

Trump Cyber Bully, Nasty Campaigner, Harsh to Others and Now: Blackmailer

Front Page News and Rightly So ... the Blackmailer-in-Chief
(P.S. Blackmail is a Federal crime)

Donald J. Trump to Joe Scarborough
(Say you’re sorry and I’ll save your face)
(Kushner's role in all this)

Many forms of blackmail are considered crimes under state or federal law.

Most states treat blackmail as a type of extortion or coercion.

It can involve either threats of violence, or other harm, in order to compel a person to do something.

Headlines from one source here (Media Matters). Other links are available.

Morning Joe hosts: “Trump team blackmailed us with a National Enquirer story”

Sub-heading: Trump has a close relationship with the Enquirer (the subject story is here), which has smeared his opponents and killed negative stories about him.

So, did Trump break the lawthis breaking update from Raw Story seems to say “Yes, he did.”

So, is this all true, or not, or are we all being sucked in the Trump “Fake News tornado?”  The one that he carefully controls, or then again, is he simply out of control?

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