Wednesday, June 7, 2017

True, He is Small in So Many Ways and Hard to Keep Score

My Ideas, Plans, Proposals, Initiatives, and Hands Are All This Small
(So What???)

Trump Doctrine: 101 – if there even is such a thing as that???
Great exposé from here – FYI – this introduction helps set the scene as it were. However, you have to read the whole article to get the entire message – it is by any standard a very read for sure:
Another week, another disaster, which is the way it goes in America nowadays.
Just before Memorial Day, it was Trump’s unwillingness to reaffirm America’s commitment to Article 5 of the NATO treaty, which calls for mutual protection among the allies.
One week after that, it was Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, which puts the country in the company of Syria and Nicaragua as the only two non-signatories to the agreement (195 all agreed and now with this there are 194).
The consensus was that the Paris Climate Accord withdrawal decision put Trump and his loyalists’ ideology above science. Then they put politics above everything. Trump was delivering on a promise he made to his base, and God knows he needs that base because he doesn’t have anyone else. His message loud and clear: “The planet can go to hell.” (Or as he often ends a tweet with: SAD…!!!)
The Trump Doctrine, if we can even call it that, has nothing to do with a global strategy, and everything to do with cultural resentments, which is why it appeals to the Trump loyalists – where appear to be both 6th grade drop-outs and braindead.
In flipping the bird at the world, Trump in essence is tapping into two deep and longstanding strains in America: “Going-it alone-ism, and anti-elitism.”
The miracle is that no demagogue has come along before Trump to work the same angles and wreak the same havoc. The tragedy is that now one has: Donald J. Trump.
Here is what Trump draws upon (the article continues from here).
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