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Trump Budget Cuts Are Harsh, Cruel. Nasty, and Mean: Healthcare is Far Worse

Those Behind Trump and His Insanity, Faces of America, Right

Trump Supporters Sticking With Him No Matter

Update on the following “update” – hard to keep up, isn’t it? This is the introduction to a fine piece from, here in part:
[You will recall that... candidate] Trump once warned that “there was a philosophy in some circles that if you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it. That’s not going to happen with us.” But it is going to happen with him, now president Trump.

The reason so many people lose health insurance under this GOP “repeal and replace plan” is because they can’t afford it, and thus, under Trump-care (AHCA) – unlike and compared to Obama-care (ACA), is simple: If you can’t afford it, you don’t get it (but under Obama-care you could and 10 of millions did and now are about to lose it – and for what? More tax goodies to the top crust to create jobs and who ever have to worry about healthcare or the next meal or a house or car payment, or caring for a loved one with healthcare while at home. Yeah those kinds of Americans - the two classes Mulvaney spoke about: Those who deserve and those who do not).

I just like the author of this Vox piece, am also reluctant to call anyone a liar, especially our president, but folks, Donald J. Trump is by any definition and the worse I have ever seen in any politician in my lifetime - a compulsive serial liar

Continue reading that story here and then the previous update follows.

Originally updated (April 23, 2017) from CNBC here >> New GOP Health Care Plan and then more below:
Trump-care (actually the Ryan AHCA ready to make a second attempt at passage since the yanked the previous bill due to lack of GOP votes to pass it) may now in fact include a new “innovative” provision called the “pro bono healthcare provision” by participating doctors to the needy (i.e., those uninsured). The concept appears easy to understand:
1.  Local doctors could voluntarily agree to accept up to 20 pro bono patients/year.
2.  In return the local doctor would receive a tax deduction.
3.  That tax deduction would be equal to a normal office visit and fees for each.
4.  At the end of the tax year, the doctor would fill out a one-page form listing how many “pro bono” patients they served and the value of those visits.
5.  Like all tax deductions, “pro bono care” would be subject to audit (for fraud).

The medical community is on board. The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) polled hundreds of doctors and found over 80 percent would participate.
Since there are some 400,000 primary care doctors and nurse practitioner around the country, and if each were to accept 20 patients, then over 6 million insured people would be helped.
Uncle Sam would in essence be picking up the tab (no taxes from the doctors and services paid for) but from tax reduction and tax break for the MD’s thus reducing the Treasury’s total tax revenues for that year (less money in the Federal kitty as it were).
Doesn’t that somehow equate to and sound like a “one-payer system?”  Sure sounds like that to me.
Just don’t try and get or find a Republican in Congress to admit that is exactly what the “pro bono” care provision would be in reality. Good luck in your search.

GOPers would thus able to claim that the “pro bono healthcare” provision:
1.  Not only provides coverage for millions of the uninsured, but that it is also saving money by reducing or eliminating costs from Medicaid (which presently helps some of our neediest citizens) and thus reducing the Federal treasury, too.

2.  As for Trump, he could take credit (which he will) for providing health care for millions of uninsured and saying he is saving taxpayers hundreds of millions in Medicaid costs for those 6 million thus also saving his promise to “not cut Medicaid” and give us “tax reform” too – that is smaller government. His win-win.  

Nice “art of the deal” trick, um? Yes, it is. Plus, if Federal revenues are cut or reduced then the GOP can claim “tax reform” – another sleight of hand trick. I prefer to call that too the “Art of the Con.” (I note: A good deal or raw deal? Take you choice).

Related and posted earlier – call it background info – two key articles follow therein below:
If this all-GOP run government can’t serve people they way they have sworn to do, or the way claim in every floor speech, then may I suggest they seek another line of work on a cattle or horse ranch someplace out of sight shoveling the crap they shovel on this critical issue, or tell us they want to return home to “spend more time with their families.” 
Realize all these GOP stunts have been playing out since 2010 when the ACA was signed into law (BTW: without a single Republican vote) and with over 75 GOP attempts to repeal it have failed. Not hard to wonder why?
Cuts will come – make no doubt about it. Nobel Prize economic winner, Paul Krugman, and a darn good writer, says Trump voters will feel and be betrayed, but guess what, Trump does not care. That Krugman article is here from the New York Times.
Also, this fine story, vis-à-vis the GOP’s sustained nasty political con game they are play with their past failed attempts to “repeal and replace Obama-care” here and also from the New York Times.

What can we make of all this? Seems the GOP is still looking for how shall I say it: Still looking for leadership and still apparently looking in all the wrong places. Worse, they seem to be looking for zebras in the forest – hint: Zebras don’t live in the forest.

Stay tuned, the worse is yet to be revealed – wait and see.

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