Monday, May 15, 2017

Not Trump's Forte: To Be Truthful, Honest, or Factual — Only Insulting and Hateful

Call it for what it is, Mr. President
(Stop the double talk)

Words matter and they do have consequences

Followers of “The Trump View”
(Why expect anything less)

This post follows with the outline topics from this excellent study by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU.

Introduction: Donald J. Trump’s vitriolic anti-Muslim campaign rhetoric (prior to his election) and now since, remains unprecedentedly Islamophobic.

In a new analysis, the Brennan Center identifies how the president and his White House staff and advisers have targeted Muslims through both speech and policy, tangibly harming the American Muslim community, in at least five forms:

(1)  The use of anti-Muslim rhetoric.
(2)  The elevation of Islamophobic staff members to key positions in the White House.
(3)  The ban on visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the country.
(4)  The goal of making vetting procedures “extreme for potential visitors and immigrants.”
(5)  And, the lack of response to the rise in hate crimes targeted at Muslims and other groups.

Key subject matter topics in the report are:

Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric 

Islamophobes in the White House (Stephen Bannon, Michael Flynn, and Sebastian Gorka) 

Banning Muslims from America

Extreme Vetting

Hate Crimes

Even before the 100-days of his presidency, Trump and his associates have showed themselves willing to turn anti-Muslim rhetoric and policy ideas into action. We can anticipate more measures focusing on these communities, some of which may be obvious and overt (e.g., suggested registry). Others will likely be more insidious and harder to expose (e.g., increased surveillance of Muslims in communities).

In order to ensure safety, liberty and justice for all Americans, we must keep a keen watch and stand ready to oppose laws, polices, and practices animated by prejudice against Muslims.

Hope you like this study – it surely is worth your time to read it. Thanks for stopping by.

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