Saturday, May 20, 2017

“How high's the water, mama? Two feet high and rising" — Trump Can't Swim

No sense of reality – not one lick of sense
(Or, the shrewdest man alive)

The following is a very troubling story and the links are astonishing. All the paths lead to TRUMP.

At the link (excellent report from CNN), just click on any name and then follow the “money” and other paths which all are tied to and lead directly to Donald J. Trump. The story is here >>> The many paths from Trump to Russia

1.  13 Americans with Russian contacts.
2.  One big Putin-managed bank.
3.  Three well-known Russians tied to the Campaign and who knows, what other ties.

I am sure Mr. Trump is worried sick about anyone revealing anything, hence the steps he has taken to shut it down.

Finally, add this startling story – the direct link to Flynn, also from CNN and from SLATE.

Thanks for stopping by. We are suffering from news and updates overkill on top of piles of other unresolved news stories, practically now on a daily basis. 

Maybe all this is the Trump “Art of the Deal (or Con)” ploy: Simply dazzle everyone so much that they will lose interest and give up looking for any more dirt and scandal – thus he walks away clean as a whistle.

Stay tuned for sure.

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