Monday, April 17, 2017

Chemical Attack in Syria Final Chapter: Who done it Still Unresolved

Horrible Scene the Whole World Saw: We Need the Whole Truth

Headlines from the UN (April 12, 2017)

“Security Council Fails to Adopt Resolution Condemning Chemical Weapons Use in Syria, Following Veto by Russian Federation”

[Russian] Representative Rejects “Sly Political Language” Against Damascus Government
The UN Security Council rejected a draft resolution that would have condemned the chemical weapons attack on the Syrian town of Khan Shaykhun (The Boston globe coverage with graphic photos) and expressed its determination to hold the perpetrators accountable.

That attack was on April 4, 2017 and reported on here (NY TIMES).

Defeated by 10 votes in favor, to 2 against (Bolivia, Russian Federation), with 3 abstentions (China, Ethiopia,Kazakhstan), the draft would have emphasized Syria’s obligation to comply with the recommendations of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapon’s (OPCW) Fact Finding Mission and the OPCW-United Nations Joint Investigative Mechanism by providing immediate and unfettered access to and the right to inspect any and all sites. 

Tabled by France, the UK, and the United States, it would have requested the Secretary-General to report on the issue every 30 days pursuant to resolution 2118  (passed in 2013), in which the Council had decided that, among other things, Syria would not use, develop, produce, acquire, stockpile or retain chemical weapons.

Before the action, the Russian Federation’s delegate, saying the draft failed to serve a useful purpose, and requested that an independent investigation be launched immediately on the incident in Khan Shaykhun.
Syria’s representative rejected any use of chemical weapons and all WMD 
emphasizing that his country wanted to learn the truth more than anyone else.  In its cooperation with the OPCW, Syria had requested that investigations be launched in Khan Shaykhun and the Shayrat air base. 

He rejected a draft resolution because it contained political language that had wanted the investigation to accuse in advance the Government of Syria.  Whoever read the text would understand that truth was not its true goal.  Facts had been doctored and evidence fabricated against the Syrian Government, which, for its part, had sent 90 letters to OPCW about terrorist groups’ involvement with chemical weapons and other arms.  He called on Council members to be rational and to obtain clear responses with regard to the Khan Shaykhun incident.

I totally agree (with one proviso - see below) that an independent investigation with cooperation from all parties (e.g.,  Syrian, Russian, and entire UN) should have been done, or now done and under one umbrella and that is from an outside independent agency that is non-UN, non-Syrian, non-Russian, or non-any other member state be affiliated officially – that body should be totally in charge and then report directly to the entire UN General Assembly to be televised when they read their final report…

My one proviso: Right now both Syria and Russian are pushing for an independent investigation, while they plead innocence. But, consider this: The time factor

Not to sound distrustful, but I am somewhat, they could have removed or destroyed any or all evidence about Syrian or Russian (or both) involvement in the attack. So, it could be too late now to see the whole picture and maybe that is what they are counting on?

Nevertheless, the world public has right and compelling need to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth no matter where or to whom the trail leads and ends, or even if that's now possible.
We shall see. 

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