Saturday, April 22, 2017

Better a Police Lineup Not a Photo Op for Charlatans, Con Artists, and Crooks

Trump Money Marketing Machine Model

Focus of this post: “Blind Trust Circumventors” 
(Trust missing from their vocab)

BLIND TRUST: A financial arrangement in which a person in public office gives the administration of their private business interests to an Independent Trust manager in order to prevent any real or perceived conflict of interest. Under that kind of Trust, the owner does not know how the assets are managed.”
Ivanka Trump-Kushner and her husband, Jared Kushner have supposedly set up “blind trusts” for their extensive and lucrative businesses and such.
Noteworthy: What follows is from Ivanka Trump’s interview with reporter Gayle King (“CBS This Morning”) link to that from Democracy now is here (starts at 36:00 mark of the video).
GAYLE KING: What have you done with your business?
IVANKA TRUMP: I have no involvement with any of it. And I felt like proximity to my father and to the White House and with my husband taking such an influential role in the administration, I didn’t want to also be running a business. So, I put it into trust. I have independent trustees. I have no involvement in its management, in its oversight, in its strategic decision-making.

GAYLE KING: “But the trustees are family members, right? Your brother-in-law and your sister-in-law?”

IVANKA TRUMP: “They are.”
GAYLE KING: So, from a —
IVANKA TRUMP (interrupting King): But they’re completely independent, and I’m transparent about that.
GAYLE KING: Can you see, from the public point of view—yes, you put it in trust, but it’s family members—they’re thinking, “Well, is she really not involved?” So, so do you really not get on the phone and say, “What’s going on?” Do you have no involvement whatsoever?
IVANKA TRUMP: I take — I take a legal document very seriously, and I wouldn’t go through the pains of setting this up, if I intended to violate it. 

The video goes on to discuss Jared and his business and his “Blind Trust” as discussed by Vicky WardNew York Times best-selling author, investigative journalist, contributor to Esquire and the Huffington Post Highline magazine with this major point:

VICKY WARD:  “Jared Kushner’s business is in a blind trust run by his brother, Josh. So, just to show you how closely everything is entwined, not only is Jared an investor in Josh, but Josh is an investor in Jared. Josh’s healthcare business, Oscar, is in Jared’s building, the Puck Building.” 

My summary: It appears that the Trump DNA pool is both wide and deep. They are all in essence clever, slick liars, crooks, and nothing more than deep-pocketed con artists above everything else who work constantly to market and keep the Trump name in the limelight all the time.
At the same time, they all use government resources as their operating base – and let’s face it, nothing is bigger than their businesses expanding raking in billions as American taxpayers pick up the tab for their travel, security and everything connected to that.
All the while every one of them get richer and richer while pleading they practice strong ethical standards and follow the rules – I say clearly (insert):
Ladies and gentlemen of America: We have been had.

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