Saturday, March 18, 2017

Presidential, Dignified, Statesman-like, Polite, a Gentleman, Courteous, right? Oops

Uncomfortable Setting

Trump snubs Merkel after being asked to SHAKE HANDS by the reporters and then by Chancellor Merkel herself. 

(I can only imagine Trump's reaction if that happened to him by a world leader).

As noted, Trump just sat there like a bump on a log looking snooty, snotty, somewhat uncomfortable, or just plain smug looking.

The man has zero couth… he is undiplomatic and is about as subtle as a hand grenade in a bowl of oatmeal… he is in short: A total disgrace to the office who is shameful and crude and always has to have things go his way.

We face rough times ahead while our dignity is at stake and on the line for the whole world to see and laugh at. 

Trump and those around him only care about one thing: Market the Trump name as well has his family’s business times plus his daughter’s massive import business (goods from China mostly) all the while showing her off where she does not even belong with foreign dignitaries in the White House – why is that anyway? 

It is shameful the Trump represents the whole United States – one word seems to describe him and his actions (publicly, in a nasty Tweet, or in office): Disgraceful.

That handshake snub is seen in this short video:

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