Monday, March 20, 2017

Nepotism by Another Name is Still Nepotism — Call it Like it is: Wrong

Like Father, Like Daughter
(Why for crying out loud)

Headlines quite startling:

First daughter Ivanka Trump-Kushner gets West Wing office

She gets everything, including security clearance and access to classified information, but not in or on official government or payroll since that would be illegal.

So, why is this acceptable? A security clearance and access to classified documents and a government furnished office and all the trimmings – wow. Well, okay then?

Still, it makes no sense. 

More from here (the AP) and here (LA Times) and here (Business Insider).

I see this situation as a very messy one, you know what? The Trump's don't give a damn – they just want their name in lights.

Plus, if anyone tries to challenge them, they will sue them, insult them along the way, and if necessary ride them out of town tarred and feathered and on a rail.

So, there, get out of the way of our new marketing project since we are busy.

Welcome to the new American first family.

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