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MAJOR UPDATE: “How High is the Water Momma” v. Trump-Putin Ties: Flood Stage

Fake news. You shut up/ Поддельные новости. Заткнись.”


Highlights from the article:  WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange doubled down on his accusation that the CIA had “lost control of its arsenal of cyber weapons.” This as investigators hunted for those responsible for a leak that experts said already is doing major damage to U.S. intelligence gathering.

Assange offered no proof of his explosive and expansive claim, which, if true, would amount to a body blow to America's efforts against terrorists and foreign adversaries. And computer researchers say they saw no sign of CIA cyber exploits for sale in the darker corners of the Internet. 

Still, it was becoming clear that the disclosure Tuesday by WikiLeaks of nearly 9,000 documents describing the CIA's cyber tools and methods was a serious setback for American spying, in and of itself.
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ORIGINAL POST FROM HERE: Major Players in a New US-Russian Story with this Headlines CBS News:

How Russian Oil Giant (Rosneft) Can Claim Stake in U.S. Oil

Rosneft: Is the Russian-state owned gas and oil conglomerate with HQ in Moscow that has 106,000 employees and is worth $92 billion.  

(Note: In the now-defunct USSR, the Ministry of Oil and Gas assets were assigned to Rosneftegaz (Rosneft parent company. Then in 1993, Rosneft was established. Rosneft is Russian-state owned, but has been partially privatized.)

Citgo: HQ in Houston, Texas some 4,000 employee and worth about $33 billion, parent company is PDVSA (the national oil company of Venezuela).

THE ISSUE: PDVSA got $1.5 billion from Rosneft and in return gave them 49.9 percent share in Citgo U.S. oil operations as collateral in a deal signed last November. 

IMPACT: If Citgo or PDVSA fail to the terms Rosneft gets that 49.9 percent of oil in the U.S. 

Ergo: Russian-state owned oil giant could own and operate and drill and transport oil in the U.S. under this scenario:

1.  PDVSA default in the near future would not be a surprise.

2.  In January, credit rating agency Fitch said a default at PDVSA is probable.

3.  Last September Standard & Poor’s downgraded PDVSA to a CCC rating – which is near the bottom of the junk-bond ladder -- after a complex bond swap that Standard & Poor’s called “tantamount to default.”

4.  The Venezuelan parent is reeling from the global collapse in oil prices since 2014, has less than $10.7 billion remaining in foreign reserves, down from $30 billion six years ago.

5.  Such a default would give Rosneft wide open legal and contractual opportunity to seize the 49.9 percent stake in Citgo within the U.S. that now includes three refineries and three pipelines.
From the Moscow Trump Dossier – key pages 30-31. NOTE: Data still unverified.
Summary: A close associate of Igor Ivanovich Sechin confirms his secret meeting in Moscow with Carter Page in July. (Sechin, age 56, is close ally to Putin, and until May 2012, served as Russian Deputy Prime Minister in Putin's cabinet. Now he is CEO of Rosneft).
Highlighted Key Point: — Substance of the meeting included an offer of a large stake in Rosneft in return for lifting U.S. sanctions on Russia. Carter Page confirms this is TRUMP's intention.
[….] Details:
1. Speaking to a trusted compatriot in mid-October 2016, a close associate of Rosneft President Sechin and President Putin elaborated on the reported secret meeting between the latter and Carter Page of the U.S. Republican presidential candidate's foreign policy team in Moscow in July 2016. The secret meeting had been confirmed to him/her by a senior member of SECHIN's staff, in addition to by the Rosneft President himself. It took place on either 7 or 8 July, the same day or the one after Carter Page made a public speech to the Higher Economic School in Moscow.
2. In terms of the substance of their discussion, SECHIN's associate said that the Rosneft President was so keen to lift personal and corporate western sanctions imposed on the company that he offered PAGE (Trump’s associate) the brokerage of up to a 19 percent (privatized) stake in Rosneft in return. Page had expressed interest and confirmed that were TRUMP elected U.S. president then sanctions on Russia would be lifted.
More on Carter Page: He was one of Donald Trump’s original foreign policy advisory team members. He is an energy industry consultant who has worked in that capacity in Russia. In 2008 he formed a NYC-based energy investment and consulting firm together with a former executive from Russia’s huge Gazprom natural gas company, in which Page has an ownership stake (as he told CNN in August 2016) video is below on that report. He also has close ties to the Russian oil company Rosneft (see notes above).

Carter Page Story

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