Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Major Updates Not "Fake News" Not One Bit: Trump-Putin/Russian Ties Deepen

Major Reports: NY Times and Washington Post - Now More Credible
(Trumpettes Won't Believe It Nevertheless)

Two parts to this story and these two major headlines:

1.  “Pursuit of shady oligarch a test of DOJ integrity under Trump with Sessions as AG” 
2.  Trump's Russia scandal takes an unexpected turn”

Now, you have to watch this 20-minute segment (or maybe you saw it already) to see and get more details, which are truly shocking and quite revealing, but as many of us expected... 

A heluva great segment you have to admit, and a heluva lot to follow, and folks I wager it ain't pretty. 

Stay tuned, and as usual, thanks for stopping by. 

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