Monday, February 27, 2017

MAJOR UPDATE: Watergate Redux Similar Story and Similiar Lies Says John Dean

How to Handle Priebus - With Both Hands and Stroke Gently

Former Nixon lawyer,  during Watergate, John Dean now wades about Trump and this new White House from the Washington Post  … saying here in part a few key highlights:
Dean said: “Four decades ago, as the Watergate scandal swirled Nixon's White House behaved in a similar fashion (Trump today vis-√†-vis Russians ties, etc.) trying to use the CIA to cut off the FBI investigation.”

Watergate 1st Article of Impeachment
[click graph for larger view]
As details of Nixon's interactions with intelligence officials seeped out, Dean said: […] “The president tried to cover up what happened, which caused even more damage.” He continues: “What it did is it caught Richard Nixon in a lie, because he had denied he had known anything about any cover up until I told him much later, when I started having direct dealings with him. And it was the lie that caught him more than that particular incident.”
Dean also said Trump's sour opinion of the media rivals Nixon's with one key difference: “Nixon mostly kept his views private. Trump's disdain is very public.”

Then watch this Rachael Maddow (MSNBC) segment about Nixon and events today (about 21 minutes) - then listen to the Trump team reaction: FAKE NEWS just FAKE...SAD...!!!

Original Now Starts Here:
RAW story nails it: WATERGATE REDUX: Priebus contacting intel officials about Russia investigation is the first stage of a cover-up

This much is clear:

Shades of Watergate: The efforts of the White House to preempt the FBI investigation of contacts closely mirrors some of the conduct described in the Articles of Impeachment against Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal.

Paragraph 4 of Article I of the Articles of Impeachment adopted by House Judiciary Committee alleges that Nixon was:

[... ] “Interfering or endeavoring to interfere with the conduct of investigations by the Department of Justice of the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the office of Watergate Special Prosecution Force, and Congressional Committees…”

However, in this case, we do not know all the details of Priebus’ communications with the FBI but we need to know - the public does indeed have as they say: a compelling need and right to know. 

We do know that he was in contact with the FBI regarding an ongoing investigation and the purpose those contacts was to secure a public ending to an ongoing FBI investigation of top Trump advisers.

Then consider this GOP major change after Watergate ... amazing, isn't it? The key question is why:  Obvious answer: Obstruction of Any Investigation if At All Possible)? Am I paranoid? Just factual - up to you, too:

Remember, all GOP controlled
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Ergo: We have a need for an independent investigation of Trump-Russian ties and that profound statement comes from a truly unexpected GOP source. Wow.

Stay tuned.

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