Sunday, February 5, 2017

Callous, Cold, Degrading, Insulting, Mean, and Out of Control: Donald J. Trump

A New Chance at Life for Iranian Baby 
(For Needed Heart Surgery - Now Cleared to Travel Here)

Trump and is mouthpieces, Bannon, Conway, Spicer and most others all say the vetting is not a BAN even though Trump himself calls is a BAN. How pathetic is that?
So, “this Baby's ban” was not a ban, either, um? Yeah, right…. 
I wonder, what if this baby were a Trump daughter's baby and the only MD who could perform that specially-needed heart operation was in Iran, and Iran said: Nope, no can do - you are banned...!!! What then? A surely a simple Rick Perry oops is not the key, right Mr. Trump.
Still it is amazing that Trump said his “ban” was “not a ban” but this baby girl was banned, but now now cleared for travel. Now, she might get a new chance at life with a needed heart operation here in the U.S. by our experts. 
Her name is: Fatemeh Reshad, from Iran.
Related:  The International Refugee Assistance Project arranged for the family's travel.

Anyone after reading this story still wonder why so many people want to come to America: To live, work, raise a family, get great health care, and if the immigrate here, to prosper and live free.

What does come to mind is just how Trump in this case is cold, callous, and like a bully or a new TV one-man show.  But, hey, maybe that just my view, um? Hardly.
Finally, this Mr. Trump, is what already has made and keeps America great. Not weak-ass measures you think is needed to try and remake us in “your image.”

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