Monday, January 9, 2017

Ignore Time-tested Traditions, Values, and Principles: Market Only the Trump Name

Renaming the Past 

Trump Aims for New Prize
(The country first, then the world)

Things are moving very fast — the latest: Trump will appoint his son-in-law Jared Kushner as special white council… skirting the anti-nepotism law of 1967 or conflicts of interest laws, which all GOPers seem to think is his prerogative as President. Consider this brash statement by Rudy Giuliani on CNN recently: “You do realize that those laws don’t apply to the president, right?”
These are all possible scenarios. But most likely of all is Trump’s option of keeping family members close by, treating them as advisers and informally involving them in presidential business. It’s hard to imagine Trump’s children won’t be frequent guests at the White House. If they’re in the building, there’s little to prevent them from joining the action, even if they’re running the Trump Organization at the same time. There are few ways to stop this outcome.
The U.S. Office of Special Counsel, charged with monitoring the anti-nepotism law might find it hard to claim jurisdiction over the president. The courts, an obvious limiting authority, might call a president’s personnel practices a “political question” and decline to weigh in and Trump would love that scenario beyond any doubt.
The oath of office that every president takes is to swear or affirm “…to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution” and by extension all laws contained therein, expect I guess laws that Donald J. Trump wants to skirt or totally disregard like this one regarding son-in-law appointment as Special White House counsel. Seems he will comply with laws that he approves of and to test as many others as possible along the way to his achieved end, which is to enrich the Trump family name brand on a much wider national and international stage, which is painfully clear. More examples are:

1.  Trump team tells Ambassadors to be out of office on inauguration day – no exceptions… more or less, just pack it in and get out.

2.  Trump would sell America to pay the debt and make a profit in an April 2016 interview with Washington Post and from here on the same subject.

4.  Trump and GOP run congress both say taxpayers may end up paying for Trump’s wall until deal is made with Mexico to reimburse as Trump promised.

With all of the business-types we see nominated for office, including now, his own son-in-law (discussed above) will Trump and they all try to run the country like some new business acquisition? How about we cite this incredible story from China first with this short instruction to illustrate this question:
As Trump betrays our nation to Putin in some sort of act of treason he is also handing the biggest source of new good jobs to China according to (1) this Think Progress article and (2) this from International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).
Just as Trump plans to cut clean energy spending hear at home, we see this from China: 
1.  Beijing’s newest 5-year energy development plan invests a stunning 2.5 trillion yuan ($360 billion) in renewable generation by 2020.
2.  Of that, $144 billion will go to solar, about $100 billion to wind, $70 billion to hydro-power, and the rest to sources like tidal and geothermal power.
3.  The Chinese National Energy Administration said in a statement the resulting “employment will be more than 13 million people.”
4.  China is already doing way better than the U.S. in this regard, and President-elect Trump’s commitment to opposing clean energy will not make things any better.
Further, as IRENA reported last year, China already has over 40 percent of all jobs in renewables, globally, while the U.S. has under 10 percent (refer to the chart below).
So, while Mr. Trump is out there lying about being the savior of a few hundred jobs here and there (Carrier, et al) all the while he has plans to ignore the biggest growth market to come around perhaps since the IT boom.
Time will tell, but folks, it ain’t pretty in this early development stage; not by a long shot.
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