Monday, January 2, 2017

Con-Artist, Flim-Flam Man, Imposter, Scam Artist, Shyster, Swindler, Serial Liar

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This post highlights one item pulled from the Donald Trump Import Line of Goods and Services — it is typical and follows this routine Trump Q&A line of discussion:  

Q to Trump in 2015:  “On the day you announce to run, how many years of tax returns will you release?”

A from Trump: “I will go over tax returns, and let me tell you, nobody knows the tax-returns world or business better than me. You have to understand, I’m a businessman and I work for myself. I have a phenomenal net worth, a lot of cash, and very little debt. Actually, I’m the only candidate in history who has submitted his financials the last time. And I didn’t run. I actually submitted my financials, because to be very honest, I’m very proud of my financials. My financials now are much better.”

Q to Trump: “But, will you release tax returns, though?”

A from Trump: “Can’t. I'm being audited as usual, but after the audit I’ll release them.”

NOTE: IRS Law and Federal Rules state anyone can release their tax returns at any time regardless of any ongoing audit or not.

Then this kicker from Trump which shows who he really is at hie core, and what his goals are, even as he now prepares to enter the highest office in the land:

“I would release my tax returns. And I’d also explain to the people that as a person looking to make money, I’m in the business of making money until I do this. And if I won, I would make money for our country. I would make so much money for our country that they wouldn’t have to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.”

NOTE: The job and duty of our president, any president, IS NOT to come into office TO MAKE MONEY and then ditch valuable programs for our citizens.

Are you listening, Mr. and Mrs. America? If so, allow me to say once again as I many times before: 


Directly related from another source (Business Insider here).

Thanks for stopping by, and whether you agree with my assessment or not does not matter because he will soon become our 45th President (at least for 4 years). Stay tuned, it's gonna be one heluva ride...!!!

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