Sunday, January 1, 2017

Back Off: I Am My Own Adviser — I Won't Listen to Anyone Except Me

Stop. I Don't Want to Hear Any More About Putin or Russian Hacking

I often refer to the Trump Transition Team as (T-3). However, more so lately I think “D-2 T-2” is a much better fit:

Donald Denial Transition Team (D-2 T-2)

Why do I make this assumption? 

Trump continues to deny and doubt anything from any of our 17 reputable and factual intelligence agencies about Putin and the Russian sneaky stuff. Why it that?

Trump now says he knows more about hacking than anyone (even the CIA) just like he said he knows more about ISIS than the Generals or that he dislikes John McCain because he was captured in war. Then he said he has make great sacrifices for the country like building skyscrapers. Further, he said people should stop using computers and write notes and use couriers to be safe from hacking.

The man has lost it... surely he has. The worst part: His supporters don't give a damn. I wonder what the EC voters are saying behind closed doors? 

To me, and I'm pretty sure to millions of others, say plainly and honestly that this man is not fit, prepared, or capable of serving as president… 

We have royally screwed this up this election more so than any Russian hacking because we did it to ourselves, internally, without any outside help or hindrance, or so it seems.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my rant. 

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