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Trump News About Potentially Dire Policy Implications for a Whole Lot of People

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Two really good Opinion pieces (the Washington Post) – maybe read them in this order – the way I read them and then several other great articles follow:

Now, check out this story: It is pretty big news that should grab your attention like it did mine: Donald J. Trump plans to keep his private security team in place… 

FYI: The Secret Service has never has a private security competitor like this in our nation's history for any president or any president-elect, ever. There are many obvious unknown’s here but I have to ask, why and for what reason? That story from several sources including this one

Donald Trump has said he's giving up his business to his kids, but he apparently has no plans to give up his private security team when he enters the White House next month *this from Politico.

He, like presidents ever since 1901, will have the Secret Service at his disposal, but reports say he will keep at least part of his massive private security force made up of retired police officers and FBI agents. Experts in such matters say that move will be unprecedented since no president has ever maintained a private security force while in office, or even as a President-elect.

Two Key questions and possible turmoil: (1) Who would pay for the private security, and (2) who would pay for their space in the W/H or other costs as required to keep them close to the president?

Also, will they be able to fly on AF-1 and have unfettered access access to all government spaces and offices in the White House and grounds?

I also ask: Does this make the W/H a place for rent? 

Related: Secret Service officials, present and former all say having a private security team working events with Secret Service “increases the Service’s liability, it creates greater confusion and it creates greater risk. Experts all say that you never want to commingle a police function with a private security function.

The Secret Service’s original mission based on its foundation at the time was due to the one-third of the currency in circulation around the nation was counterfeit after the Civil War. It was established on July 5, 1865 in Washington, DC for the express purpose to suppress all that counterfeit currency and its sources. 

Then in 1901, following the assassination of President William McKinley in Buffalo, they got their second mission: To protect the President of the United States.

Related to this critical issue: Assassinations and assassination attempts.

Now also this story about GOP efforts and Trump pledge to repeal and replace the ACA (Obama-care): They might it harder to do than their tough rhetoric. There has been a huge uptick in enrollments recently; a very huge uptick in signup’s… some 6.4 million before the deadline and any possible Trump/GOP actions to take it away.

That story is here from USA Today

These are top stories for sure, but a key point is that these controversies are popping up in what many believe is both at a critical time and a bit too early in the transition process to a new administration. 

So, what does the future hold alone those lines? The best I can say is stay tuned.

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