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Trump and GOP Plan Immediate Repeal of Obama-care then a Delay (WTF)

Trump Stance on ACA (Obama-care)

The Faces of an all-GOP Government Not for Health Care
(The Repeal and Replace It Crowd)

GOP Plans Immediate Repeal of Obama-care Then a Delay

That headlines is confusing: Immediate Repeal (I note: Mostly for political points no doubt), then but then delay in implementing GOP replacement plan, which obviously does not even exist).

So, let’s get real shall we – even if that’s humanly possible with Trump and the new incoming majority GOP about to take the reins of the entire country.

Main points and hypocritical highlight from that NY Times article is thus:

WASHINGTON — Republicans in Congress plan to move almost immediately next month to repeal the Affordable Care Act, as President-elect Donald J. Trump promised. But they also are likely to delay the effective date so that they have several years to phase out President Obama’s signature achievement.
This emerging “repeal and delay” strategy, which Speaker Paul D. Ryan discussed this week with Vice President-elect Mike Pence, underscores a growing recognition that replacing the health care law will be technically complicated and could be politically explosive.
Since the law was signed by Mr. Obama in March 2010, 20 million uninsured people have gained coverage, and the law has become deeply embedded in the nation’s health care system, accepted with varying degrees of enthusiasm by consumers, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, as well as State and local governments.
Unwinding it could be as difficult for Republicans as it was for Democrats to pass it in the first place and could lead Republicans into a dangerous cul-de-sac, where the existing law is in shambles but no replacement can pass the narrowly divided Senate. Democrats would face political pressure in that case as well.
Updates follow on that topic of repeal and replace – a great political sound bite but who gets bitten? First from the LA Times, in part here:

That promise to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act has been a staple of the Republican Party platform virtually since the law’s enactment in 2010.
Now it looks like it might happen. President-elect Trump picked up the theme in his campaign, promising that among other things: “On Day-One of the Trump administration, I will ask Congress to immediately deliver a full repeal of Obamacare.” Trump then in SOP verbose style said “I will supplant it with something terrific, terrific, some really terrific.” (I note: Can’t you just see and hear him standing there saying that holding up his right hand with thumb and index finger made into a loop like he always does? – Some vision, isn’t it).
However that long-spoken promise is about to come face-to-face with reality. Why? Repealing many Obamacare provisions isn’t possible without the assent of congressional Democrats.
Perhaps more important, dismantling key elements of the law risks leaving the U.S. health care system in chaos — certainly in worse shape than it was even before the Affordable Care Act was passed. Most-importantly and at stake is seeing coverage for approximately 20 million Americans vanish, and the cost of coverage for many more skyrocket, that leads into this report from here showing numbers from the CBO on Obama-care. Extract is this key analysis from the CBO, in part:
According to the CBO, most of the savings is because the Act makes sure 95% of citizens have health care insurance. That lowers health care costs by making preventive health care affordable for most of the 33 million Americans who have no health insurance. They don't have to wait until their illness becomes so critical that they wind up using the hospital emergency room as their primary care provider. That lowers national health care costs for everyone.
The CBO report also says the ADA reduces the budget deficit by $143 billion in between 2010-2019. Many people were understandably skeptical that a $940 billion program that expands health care coverage also saves money.
That's because the ACA legislation has taxes and fees that more than offset the cost.
Here is a summary of the savings. (To see how these taxes affect you, go to Obamacare Taxes.)
The other source for this post is from here and it is a bit scarier as stated like this from the article: 
Hospital health care providers could face billions in hospital revenue cycle losses if the ACA is repealed without replacement legislation that preserves health coverage increases and rolls back claims reimbursement cuts (As stated by the American Hospital Association (AHA) and Federation of American Hospitals (FAH).

Read each of those links for the finer details. The bottom line as they say is that Trump and this new GOP is about to abandon over 20 million Americans who have decent health care (many for the first time in their lives), cause us to go “back the future” with a crappy system that existed before the ACA became law, see prices go up, revenues down (the hospital analysis), and what for?

A political sound bite, a favor to big business (I note: Trump wants to give a huge corporate tax reduction to lower their tax burden) while kicking people off of health care bus and instead to under the passing GOP bus.

All I can say is: A public outcry will be loud and frequent and turmoil is about to hit Trump and this GOP squarely in the face and the only ones they can blame are themselves – but guess what? They will not ‘cause they never can – only blame Obama and DEMS is in their DNA.

Does all this gloom and doom sounds harsh? Yes, it does and for good reason: it is gloom and doom, ala GOP standards, which I have to admit, are pretty low.

Trump and this GOP plan about to be levied on America and especially the parts they do not like is simply payback or rewards to their benefactors and we all know that is, right Mr. and Mrs. Koch? They all are in a word: Obama and Obama-care haters. You bet that is true and yes, I am madder than the proverbial we hen about what is coming. How about you?

So, where will a President Trump stand with the public on this? Hint:
Stay tuned.

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