Thursday, December 22, 2016

Trump American Job Creation Slogans: Phony As He Turns Out to Be (Ask Eric)

Eric is Helping Me Create Jobs Right Here at Home
(As long as the new H-2 visas pass muster)

Eric’s Labor Force Helping “Make America Great Again”
(Just Wait Until Our Fine Wine Hits the Market)

Before you read his post, you may want to get a barf bag handy. Here goes.

“We have a lot to overcome in our country especially the fact that our jobs are being taken away from us and going to other places. It’s happening right here in Michigan.” — Part of Trump Speech in Detroit on August 19, 2016

This slide show has his remarks … including the quote above … his BS worked, his con game worked, and he won... Now what?

Well, consider the recent attempts by the Trumps to auction off “meet and greets or coffee Ivanka” auctions, and with other with family members (e.g., hunting trips with the two boys for a cool million). BTW all of those have been cancelled or amended after they were exposed as unethical.

How about all those catchy Trump slogans and sound bites about jobs that seemed to have worked, he won, didn't he? His loyalists were amazed then and still are today about his string of promises. But, reality is setting in, and promises are not reality and especially in cases like I just mentioned and that which follows below in this story from The Hill.

It seems to me that the “Help Wanted” sign is out for Trump, Inc. along these lines:

“Workers wanted for jobs that are hard, back-breaking, low wages, and for mostly foreign labor (we’ll get the H-2 visas for you). Only those in dire need of work should apply.”
They seem to be saying: “Come work for us. It’s a ticket to stay. Come share in the new “American way – our Way.” Help us Make America Great Again. Just sign here, we’ll do the rest – no problemo. At least that’s what this story seems to imply. It further suggests what the Trump trend truly is: “Do as we say NOT what we do.”
Create jobs here at home for Americans? What a joke. Okay, I admit it sounds nice and catchy, as long as the work is for H-2 visa holders from all over the globe – hardly an honest campaign pledge, um Mr. Trump.
A Virginia winery owned by President-elect Donald Trump’s son, Eric, is seeking more foreign workers, according to a new report.
The Department of Labor petitioned for the winery, called Trump Vineyard Estates, to bring in six foreign workers using the federal government’s temporary work visa program known as H-2, Buzz Feed reported on Wednesday.
Buzz Feed News reported that companies owned by Trump or that bear his name have asked for permission from the Department of Labor to bring at least 263 temporary foreign workers to the U.S. since he launched 
Buzz Feed also reported that workers on these temporary visas often undergo difficult working conditions with minimal pay.
On the campaign trail, Trump often he would bring jobs back to Americans. One of Trump's biggest campaign promises was to bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.
So, pick grapes for Eric Trump… with workers from abroad and cheap, too. What a deal – hell, no wonder he won the election.
Thanks for coming by and trying to figure out “What the hell have we done.” 

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