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Taiwan Presidential Call: To or From (Who Really Knows) — This Major Development

Major Hotel in Taiwan. Did I Discuss Such a Deal
(Duh, let me think a minute)

A good introduction to this post is this proverb: “A nod, you know, is as good as a wink to a blind horse.” [The source of that proverb appears in the “Letters of the English Lawyer and Writer,” Joseph Ritson in February 1793].

This update on the post and video below (posted after the fact but relevant): 

Directly related to all this and now this video (from the Washington Post reporter) is this piece from the Huffington Post:

In November, the mayor of Taoyuan, a municipality that holds Taiwan’s main airport, told Taiwanese media that a representative of the Trump Organization had traveled to the island and expressed interest in building a hotel there. The Guardian reported that the representative, only known as Ms. Chen, expressed interest in a new development near Taiwan’s airport. 

The Guardian did not confirm Chen’s association with the Trump organization. 

The New York Times also found from Anne-Marie Donoghue, global director of transient sales and Asia for Trump hotels, in which she posted about being in Taipei for a work trip. [But] in a statement, the Trump Organization said it had no plans to expand into Taiwan.

“There are no plans for expansion into Taiwan nor are any of our executives planning a visit. The rumors of a planned development in Taiwan are simply false. There have been no authorized visits to Taiwan on behalf of our brand for the purposes of development nor are there any active conversations,” said Jennifer Rodstrom, Trump Organization spokeswoman in an email.

Donoghue did not respond to a request for comment on the nature of her trip.

Reminder: Trump has said that he will separate himself from his business interests before he is sworn in, but has not said how exactly he plans to do that. He faces numerous potential conflicts of interest around the world. 

The original post starts here with these two linked stories. One is from The Guardian (UK) and the other from here

Both offer accounts of the same story: Did Trump call the President of Taiwan or if she called him, did they talk about a possible hotel deal, or not? That phone calls has everyone up in arms, or the Trump side, I am sure, doesn’t give a damn (e.g., the Trump loyalists and mouthpieces like Kellyanne Conway).

As noted in the two stories, it appears that Trump’s call was preceded by an earlier inquiry by Trump’s corporation, or his corporation representative, about the possibility of building a new hotel in Aerotropolis, which is the sprawling commercial complex adjacent to Taiwan’s Tao-yuan International Airport.

Okay, how about a possible Rick Perry “oops moment” right about right now, um, Mr. Trump?

If this proves to be true and accurate, then folks we have a downright corrupt, crooked, bribe oriented, unscrupulous, and deceptive man about to take the oath of office to be the next president of the United States… is this what people voted for or now want?

I expect more to follow on this… and, let’s hope more mainstream media join in to prove or disprove this story and events therein. If true, then this is truly a really big story with deep, deep consequences.

Stay tuned.

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