Wednesday, December 28, 2016

President Donald J. Trump Sole Purpose: Market the Name Brand Not Much Else

Some Domestic and World-wide Recognition and Then Some

Donald Trump is a first rate hypocrite as well as a slick, shrewd, clever Flim-Flam con artist who is verbose, yet says little of substance or value.
He always casts companies that make goods in China and other foreign countries as economic pariahs, saying they siphon off jobs that are better left here and he promises to “bring jobs back home and penalize those who move off-shore or don’t come back.” 
He has blamed the system which he says is a set of Obama-Clinton policies in the United States and took “our jobs away.” Yet, he also acknowledges using that route for his own gain.
Now even since the election as he waits to move into full power mode, he continues to rail against global forces, threatening to punish companies with high tariffs if they don’t move production back to the United States (e.g., the recent Carrier example wherein he told them he would impose a 35% excise tax for moving to Mexico if they shipped air cons back across the border).
If he makes good on such promises, he would take aim at not only his own brand, but his daughter’s huge business as well. 
Examples: At Saks off Fifth recently Ivanka Trump white polyester and spandex blouse made in Indonesia.
1.  A few racks over her black and white jacket came from Vietnam.
2.  Several blocks away, at Macy’s, her leather bootee manufactured in China sold for more than $100.
3.  At the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, a $35 blue cotton cap embroidered with “Trump National Golf Club” was made in Bangladesh.
4.  A Trump Tower hoodie from Pakistan set tourists back $50.
But, Mr. Trump himself doesn’t stand to lose much since his goods are largely manufactured overseas, most of his retail ventures have gone the way of Trump vodka and steaks. What products can be found, at his hotels and golf courses and on Amazon sold by independent sellers for example, are the vestiges of a mostly defunct clothing line or sporadic shipments of Trump sweatshirts and hats. 
Ivanka Trump’s company by contrast is the type of operation that Trump is squarely aiming for with her shoes and dresses largely retail for less than $150, and coats cost as much as $400.
The so-called bottom (not just the proverbial P&L, either), but just keep expanding the markets with the Trump name and the Trump brand whether here at home or abroad where the name is and has been up for bid to use on hotels, golf courses, and a heck of lot more… 
For those who say, “[…] so what, we voted for him and we trust him. What he is doing is just good business and his style, we don’t care. We see no conflicts of interest.”
Um, folks, allow me to suggest a closer look.
Stay tuned - this topic will be popping up for the next four years, believe it.

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