Sunday, December 11, 2016

High Stakes Worldwide: Trump Thinks Only He is Correct Everyone Else is Wrong

Trump does not trust CIA, other Intelligence Agencies, Media
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Браво Дональда за победу и доверять мне
(Bravo, Donald for Winning and Trusting Me)

Summary of This Week: Russian Hacking Report: 

Background You May Have Forgotten: Hillary Clinton made it clear that her administration would redouble efforts to punish and isolate Moscow for war crimes in Syria’s civil war and its aggression toward Ukraine and other neighbors and she said: “I’ve stood up to Russia. I’ve taken Putin on and I would do that as president.”

However, in Donald Trump it seems on the surface at least that the Russians had a good reason to see him as a malleable political novice and one who had surrounded himself with Kremlin lackeysPutin once himself called Trump “brilliant” (or so Trump told us).

Lest we forget, back in July, Trump looked into the national cameras and said he “Hoped Russia would hack and divulge more of Mrs. Clinton’s missing 30,000 emails.”

Now, I have to admit that some people often throw the word treason word around rather freely, but honestly in that instance, I think it fits Trump to a perfect “T.” 

Imagine any high American official tells a foreign nation, let alone one like Russian or even China or say, North Korea for example, to “hack” an American citizen’s email account to find “missing emails” for their own political gain — whatever that happens to be.

Now in the last few days (coverage is here), the scope and intent of Russia’s suspected involvement in the election has come into sharper focus with new disclosures by American officials who now reveal that our 17 intelligence agencies have all concluded with high confidence that a desire to undermine American faith in the electoral system morphed into an effort to hurt Clinton and prop up Trump, as evidenced by her hard line stance against Putin and Trump's buddy-buddy approach (mentioned above).

One critical piece of evidence in the intelligence assessment was that suspected Russian hackers broke into the computer networks of both the RNC and DNC – even though former RNC chairman and now Trump’s designated Chief of Staff Reinhold Richard “Reince” Priebus denied that the RNC had been hacked on national TV (December 11) as he tap-danced around direct questions about that intelligence assessment.

A Note for Mr. Priebus: Being hacked (admitting it or not) but not seeing any of the hacked information leaked are two totally different things. One depends on the outcome of the hack and the desired goal of the hackers to leak or not to leak any or part of the information they gained about or on any person, persons, or agencies that were hacked.

Apparently Mr. Priebus and others, now singing that same talking point fail to see that or simply duck and dodge the reality.

We have not heard the last of this - bet on it. Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned.

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