Sunday, December 18, 2016

Donald J. Trump: Ever the Slick, Clever, Smooth Top-notch Hypocrite Serial Liar

A con(fidence) man who defrauded and fooled mostly rural state people
(In the movie, not real life, right?)

Background and Recent Headlines: Donald J. Trump’s presidential run was a robust moneymaker for Trump’s businesses.

More than $9.6 million in campaign donations was used to cover expenses for Trump’s companies and family, including payments for his private-jet company Tag Air, rent at Trump Tower, and payroll and rent at the new Trump International Hotel in Washington.
Trump gave his campaign more than $66 million in cash and in-kind contributions, short of his repeated pledge that he would spend $100 million of cash on his White House bid, filings show.
But Trump’s campaign prospered in other ways. When U.S. Secret Service agents guarding Trump traveled on Trump’s jets, the federal government, in keeping with policy, reimbursed Trump’s company.
Ironically and in true Trump fashion, he regularly criticized President Obama for his use of public funds. Back in July,  for example, Trump tweeted that it was a “total disgrace and that taxpayers were paying a fortune” (after Mr. Obama flew via Air Force One to a campaign event for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton). 
Yet, and I note: When his family members fly on Trump-1, he is reimbursed for the Secret Service flying on that, his own private jet. He also gets reimbursed when they stay at Trump Tower or he will also when he might stay at his hotel in DC (since he is the owner of that hotel). So, I guess we need a new label for that sort of stuff. No, wait: scam artist works just fine or a con or Flim-Flam man doing his thing). Just like former Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in his great DNC speech for Hillary Clinton during the campaign... seen at the 5-minute mark of his 11-minute speech. It is worth watching, even as we now know, it carried little or not weight in the election outcome. 

1.  Related to paragraph 1 above is this. See if you see the connected irony in this headline: Trump May Stay at His Hotel, Not Blair House Before Inauguration.

That story is here from the NY Times.

2.  Regarding his Trump’s well-documented and constant lying is this headline: Trump has been lying about the Russian hack. He just accidentally admitted it himself.  

That story is here from the Washington Post and also from here (same paper).  

As I have said in the past, this man should be nowhere near the Oval Office, except perhaps on a visitor’s tour.  

The next 4 years are going to be pure Hell based on the events just since election night that have already and clearly come into focus, but that which what lies beneath the surface could be far worse. Stay tuned and hang on tight.

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