Sunday, December 25, 2016

Donald J. Trump About to Sip a Few Kochs: Long Time Coming for the Koch Bros.

Trump's Latest Team Additions  
(Big time as Dick Cheney would say)

Prize at the End of the Day 
(Trump as Koch Mascot)

From this very good TPM link is what I strongly believe are the key parts: 

1. The Koch’s certainly did not want Trump to win the GOP nomination.
 2.  The Koch’s preferred the likes of WI GOP Gov. Scott Walker or FL U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.
 3.  But, as Trump, the New York magnate, made surprising headway, the Koch brothers’ network shifted resources to Congressional and state battles, thus pursuing a strategy designed to maximize post-2016 leverage despite Trump. 
4.  However, now that Trump has actually prevailed, Koch cleverness hits the jackpot. 

Although widely unpopular with the mass public, the Koch policy agenda still consists of:

• Tax cuts for the rich,
• Union busting (Scott Walker example in WI),
• Medicare privatization (and vouchers),
• Business deregulation, and
• Evisceration of environmental and global warming measures.

All of these items are ripe and ready to be rammed through the majority incoming all GOP-dominated Congress. Then bills will be sent to the desk of a President Donald J. Trump, the man who needs Koch-affiliated personnel, yet who also understands very little about policy issues, so he will be looking for victorious bills to sign into law and become more popular (I note: but with whom I wonder) and further, the Koch’s get the golden nugget – things they have wanted for decades.

So, the stage is set to advance a perfect core of Koch ultra-free-market agenda items even though the two brothers avoided endorsing Trump, and Trump himself never discussed almost none of the relevant policy shifts (that the Koch’s want) in any of his appeals to voters.

Now it’s wise to recall that old marketing slogan: “Promise her anything, but give her Arpege!”

That slogan certainly captures a similar, much more serious bait-and-switch unfolding right now in American politics with this Koch-Trump connection brewing. Worryingly, this switcheroo is poised to unfold without much average citizen understanding or debate or maybe in the end, total apathy. 

Right now most media outlets have not noticed that the Koch network is now fusing with the emerging Trump network and that presidency. It is and will be a situation that leaves millions in the dark about huge pending policy upheavals in Federal programs that millions of families have long taken for granted, but could lose in short order.

“Make America Great Again” (and in the image of Charles and David Koch, each worth about $40 billion; yes, each).

Trump and GOP majority voters – folks: You have been had.

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