Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trump Has Priebus (Not the Toyota Kind) — The RNC Kind Plus Stephen Bannon

Trump Picks Reince Priebus
(White House CofS)

Trump Picks Stephen Bannon
(Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor)

Kurt Bardella, who worked at Breitbart News with Stephen Bannon for two yearstold ABC News that his ex-boss would routinely make racist and xenophobic remarks during routine professional calls. Bannon is now going to be a senior adviser to Trump in the White House – just announced today.

Bardella said to ABC News: “If anyone sat there and listened to that call, you’d think that you were attending a white supremacist rally.” He cited what he called Bannon’s nationalism and hatred for immigrants, people coming into this country to try to get a better life for themselves.

Bardella continued: “This is someone who has a very low moral compass, and the idea that this is the type of person that Donald Trump as president would have closest to him in the White House is very disturbing.”

Then consider this question:

Which Tweet are we to accept from “our Twitter-bound” president? The one who is confused, irrational, and spur of the moment like so many other childish Twitters? 

For example like this one where he tweeted one of his famous 140 character messages complaining that the professional protesters were incited by the media were the ones protesting the election outcome tweeting, tweeting: “Very unfair!” 

Then he checked himself a bit later that same day and offered a more unifying message: “Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud.”

So, which Trump can we expect? For example, say CINC Trump launches a couple of nukes to kick the shit out of ISIS that he promised … but then he realizes the target was the wrong one. Would he issue a short one-line tweet?” Say, like: “Oops.”

For all the folks who swear by Trump: You have been had. 

As always stay tuned and thanks for stopping by. A heluva lot more to follow ... how deep is that swamp Trump wants to drain and refill with (well your guess is as good as mine). Hang on tight. It could get very rough.

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