Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Day After the Night Before: Trump Pulls Off Historical Election Coup — Now What

Did Not End Up This Way - Not One Bit ... Just the Opposite

The Man Upstairs Got This Win for Me

GOP In Line Heading for DC for 100% Power  Sweep
(Wins the W/H and Keeps House and Senate)

My post-election analysis or whatever else one chooses to call November 8 results with this: 

Consider what a 100% GOP in charge (they won the W/H and are keeping both the House and Senate), will get to name all new government department secretaries, that is those left after they reduce some departments they have long promises, and other actions in my baker's dozen list:

1. Cancel the Iranian nuke deal;
2. Repeal the ACA (Obama-care);
3. Cut taxes top brackets to “create jobs” (trickle down redux);
5. Bomb the shit out of ISIS (with help from Russia in Syria I suppose);
6. Restart the Iraq portion of the war (many more American ground troops);
7. Build that damn wall (send the bill to Mexico);
8. Get NATO and other allies to pick up the tab for American military expenses;
9. Duck the growing turmoil in ROK and blame North Korea actions on Obama and Clinton;
10. Pick and choose which places to ignore or deploy more U.S. Forces;
11. How to shitcan immigrants here illegally;
12. Bring jobs back home from off-shore (e.g., from China, India, Indonesia, and Mexico); and
13:  #1: Who will serve in the Trump cabinet and serve as department heads and Ambassadors?

Let’s face it the GOP will have the whole ball of wax starting in January 20, 2017 – and they will have to produce the terms they have and will lay out about what to dismantle; discard; repeal; reduce; cut; or otherwise get rid of?

Your guess is as good as mine – but what about the nation’s future? Whatever falls out from their planning sheet that will be taken away (health care) that ends up harmful and not beneficial will not be able to be blamed on anyone except the ones in total control of the country. Back to the future seems to fit that flight pattern perfectly.

So, I say good luck – you GOPers earned it and soon you will own it all, just ask yourself before January 20, 2017: “
What will our actions do for the nation as a whole?”

“And ofte tyme swich cursynge wrongfully retorneth agayn to hym that curseth, as a bryd that retorneth agayn to his owene nest.” (Modern version: “The chickens always come home to roost.”).
The notion of bad deeds, specifically curses, coming back to haunt their originator is long established in English. The above expression by Chaucer was put into print in 1390, when Chaucer used it in “The Parson's Tale which was intended as the final tale of Chaucer's poetic cycle “The Canterbury Tales.”

That is what this new “united GOP” (expression used by Paul Ryan in his post-election speech) faces… and be assured the chickens will indeed come home to roost for this GOP based on their poor past track record. 

I seriously doubt the “new united” GOP can handle the flock and feathers that will befall them due to their own selfish, short-sighted, and narrow-vision actions that will follow, as they surely do when the GOP gets power (i.e., the Gingrich years - yeah, that kind of takeover).

So, stay tuned … it’s going to be a very long and I predict miserable 4 years, and as always, thanks for coming by. 

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