Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Some Early Voters Can Change Their Vote — New Trump Strategy: Push This Angle

Trump Wants This Hype to Work to Win 
(He thinks it's his ticket to heaven)

Voter Trying to Make Up Their Mind

In some states you really can vote twice, or three time, and it’s legal but, it will only count once. Eight quick notes to see how wild election might turn into:

1.  Some states do allow voters to change their early or absentee ballots with no questions asked.

2.  In most of the states, voters who have already cast ballots need to show up to the polls on Election Day, have their prior vote nullified, and revote in-person to have their new vote — and only the new vote — counted.

3.  If you live in Wisconsin, you can change your mind up to three times before your official ballot is cast and counted.

4. Among states that do allow voters to change their early ballot after it’s been cast are: Wisconsin; Minnesota; Michigan; Pennsylvania; New York; Connecticut; and Mississippi.

5.  Procedures differ among states.

6. States do not make the rules for changing an early or absentee ballot easy to find.

7.  In some battleground districts, fickle voters are out of luck.

8.  Voting more than once is prohibited in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Arizona, among others. 

Both the Trump and Clinton camps have armies of lawyer on stand-by and ready to pounce on anything anyone at the polls if they spot any hanky-panky, which ironically is exactly what Trump is advocating by accusing the Clinton camp of hanky-panky all the while that’s his middle name.

Stay tuned – we may have the workings of another 2000 Florida (Bush v. Gore) all over again. One way to preclude that is to get out the vote and win by such a huge margin that no one can logically question the outcome. Hang on tight, and thanks or stopping by.

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