Monday, November 14, 2016

Number Two Hypocrite in the Upcoming Trump Administration (so far)

 Old Mike Pence vs. New Mike Pence 
(Hardly any diff)

The headlines startling and unsettling to say the least:

Mike Pence is fighting his own email battle in court

VP-elect and IN Gov. Mike Pence at one time attacked Hillary Clinton's handling of her private emails on the campaign trail.  Now, however, Pence is going to court to keep his own emails out of the public eye. At one point he said, “What we already know here is troubling, and it's convincing millions of Americans that Hillary Clinton is just a risky choice.” (Pence said on FOX News)

Still don’t think top-notch arrogant hypocritical a-holes are not getting ready to take full control of the U.S. and then run all programs any damn way they choose.

Well, think again, and please don't puke on your keyboard – leading that pack is the about to be #2 hypocrite in the forthcoming Trump administration.

Will the real Mike Pence sign in, please?

– Q: Why did anyone, including Pence and others, wait until now to run with this breathtaking story, I wonder? Do you wonder, too?
Call this approach balls to the walls as it were. So, I wonder what else is rising to the top of that sewer? Stay tuned as usual.

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