Friday, November 25, 2016

"Con Artist of the Deal" — Forthcoming Book About Donald J. Trump

Possible Temporary Security Solution for Trump Tower (NYC)

Current Solution Spotted at Trump Tower (NYC)

The New Look at Trump Tower for Next Four Years (NYC)

Trump Golf Course Solution for Rude and Nosy Neighbors in Scotland

Two most-interesting stories about what to expect from the Trump years about to befall America at large.

THE FIRST BIG STORY: The Secret Service is set to take over two floors of Trump Tower costing taxpayers more than $3 million a year (story) highlights:

1.  Secret Service to take over two floors of New York's Trump Tower which could cost more than $3 million.
2.  Agency and NYPD plan to run a command post out of the Manhattan tower. 
3.  Donald Trump's wife Melania and their son Barron will continue to live during the first year of his presidency.
4.  Trump said he'll be home frequently and even more while Melania is there.  
5.  Mayor Bill de Blasio said city has never dealt with anything of this scope. 
6.  Local police are required to protect president and family when he's home.
7.  Mayor de Blasio said he will request reimbursement for the officers' overtime.
8.  The Secret Secret and the NYPD allegedly plan to run a command post out of the gaudy gold tower where Donald Trump's wife Melania and their son Barron will continue to live during the first year of his presidency.
9.  Around 250 Secret Service agents and cops will be based on two continuous floors, which is 40 floors below Trump's $90 million penthouse apartment.  

Now the kicker to this: The taxpayers of America, we the people, will be paying the president-elect's own corporation for the high price of his protection rental – his own home — the Trump tower. 

(But, hey to the Trump’s it’s just chicken feed, merely walking around change for the week-end, right?).

THE SECOND BIG AND VERY PERSONAL STORY: This firsthand story and account of Trump business deals in Scotland (golf course, of course)… wow – what a load of utter craziness from the NY Times:

BALMEDIE, Scotland — President-elect Donald J. Trump has already built a wall — not on the border with Mexico, but on the border of his exclusive golf course in northeastern Scotland, blocking the sea view of local residents who refused to sell their homes. Then he sent the residents the bill. WTF???

Example of one couple, David and Moira Milne. They had already been threatened with legal action by Trump’s lawyers, who claimed a corner of their garage belonged to him. One day when they came home from work, they found his staff building a fence around their garden and then two rows of grown trees went up next, blocking the view. Their water and electricity lines were temporarily cut. And then a bill for about $3,500 arrived in the mail, which, Mr. Milne said, went straight into the trash.

Now enter Susan and John Munro, who also refused to sell up and now face an almost 15-foot-high earthen wall built by Mr. Trump’s people on two sides of their property. 

Then this from Michael Forbes, a quarry worker whose home sits on the opposite side of the Trump property, added a second flag — “Hillary for President” — perhaps because Mr. Trump publicly accused him of living “like a pig” and called him a “disgrace” for not selling his “disgusting” and “slum like” home.

As many Americans are trying to figure out what kind of president they have just elected, the people of Balmedie, a small village outside the once oil-rich city of Aberdeen, say they have a pretty good idea. 

In the 10 years since Trump first visited, vowing to build “the world’s greatest golf course” on an environmentally protected site featuring 4,000-year-old sand dunes, they have seen him lash out at anyone standing in his way. 

They say they watched him win public support for his golf course with grand promises, then watched him break them one-by-one  like these:

1.  A promised $1.25 billion investment has shrunk to what his opponents say is at most $50 million.
2.  Six thousand jobs have dwindled to 95.
3.  Two golf courses to one.
4.  An eight-story 450-room luxury hotel never materialized. 5. Promise of 950 time-share apartments (instead a manor house was converted into a 16-room boutique hotel).

Trump International Golf Links, which opened in 2012, lost $1.36 million last year, according to public accounts. 

“If America wants to know what is coming, it should study what happened here. It’s predictive. I have just seen him do in America, on a grander scale, precisely what he did here. He suckered the people and he suckered the politicians until he got what he wanted, and then he went back on pretty much everything he promised,” says said Martin Ford, a local government representative.

Or ask Alex Salmond, a former First Minister of Scotland whose government granted Mr. Trump planning permission in 2008 by overruling local officials, but now he concedes all those points, adding: “Balmedie got 10 cents on the dollar.”

I say rename Donald J. Trump to Donald “F.F.” Trump, with F.F. meaning Flim-Flam man – con artist of the deal… pathetic, isn’t it?

My Short Message: America: We have been had.

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