Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bye American Pie or Hello Wall Street: Trump Steak and Wine and More

Good Bye Good Old Days, or Hello Golden Goose

Source of this pretty good article … real food for thought as they say:

Literally within his first few days in office, Republicans are going to dedicate most of their time to trying to erase anything related to Barack Obama’s eight years in office. Within a few weeks, it’s going to be like much of his presidency never existed. 

Another set of issues, critically important, or maybe not. Cite: This extract (highlight, really): It was good to hear Donald Trump “disavow and condemn” the white nationalism of some of his supporters, at the meeting at The New York Times.

It was good to hear him acknowledge that climate change is linked to human activity, and that maybe waterboarding isn’t such a great idea after all and it was good to hear him even call The New York Times a “great, great American jewel.”

It was, of course, hard to square all these statements with his record of (1) spreading the birther lie about President Obama, (2) calling climate change a “hoax,” (3) promising “to bring back waterboarding or far more” and (4) describing The New York Times as “failing.”

Yeah, that evolving Donald J. Trump… CINC-in-Waiting as it were.

Psst: I thought Republicans didn’t believe in evolution? Um… interesting on that point, too (smiling as I wrote that).  

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