Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Get This Nitwit Off the Airwaves: Preferably Behind Bars or in Straight Jacket

New Conservative Voice or New Conspiracy Nutcase 

On a Pedestal of Craziness and Wild Accusations 
(Should land her under indictment)

The headlines tell it all (from here):

“Conservative Internet Sensation Tomi Lahren Suggests Clintons Were Involved in Murders”

Folks, this is more than her right to “free speech, or freedom of the press” or anything even close … what she says and implies is slanderous and libelous and this women must be held to account.

In a word this is insane talk, but sadly and widely these days, it’s all over rightwing Talk Radio and print media from that same slant and yes, it is dangerous, very dangerous, and as I strongly believe it is NOT an argument for “free speech” or anything even remotely close to that precious freedom.

She must be held accountable and taken off the public airwaves immediately if not sooner and as applicable, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

That’s my right to free speech, too, if anyone bothers to say I’m infringing on her rights; which I am not.

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