Friday, October 28, 2016

Donald J. Trump as Fred Astaire: Happy Dancing All the Way to the White House

See I told you: “She's crooked Hillary – Lock her up”
Now back to the road to the Oval Office – thanks to the FBI
(Happy Dance Time


Trump’s campaign set off a wave of concern about its tactics on Thursday after a senior campaign official was quoted describing a sophisticated “voter suppression effort” the term usually connotes aggressive attempts to keep people from polling places as reported by Businessweek in which an unidentified Trump official used the term to describe the team’s approach to three core groups of Hillary Clinton’s supporters. That was on Thursday reported by numerous sources including the NY Times, the HILL, Bloomberg, Politico, CBS News, Washington Post, and yes, FOX that referenced the HILL article on the same subject.

The three major voter suppression operations underway as described by that Trump campaign official are three group that Clinton needs to win overwhelmingly – they are: (1) idealistic young liberals, (2) young women, and (3) African-Americans.

Then in Toledo, Ohio just today again like he said yesterday:Just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump. Her policies are so bad. Boy, do we have a big difference.” (Tongue in cheek, right)?


I lead with this from Ronald Reagan, worth repeating right now again: “TRUST BUT VERIFY” – and that tidbit is from here:

Suzanne Massie, a writer on Russia, met with President Ronald Reagan many times between 1984 and 1987. She taught him this Russian proverb, “Доверяй, но проверяй” [Doveryai, no proveryai] which means: Trust, but verify. She advised Mr. Reagan that the Russians like to talk in proverbs. He never forgot that and it applies in this email case vis-à-vis Hillary Clinton and 11 days remaining before the general election, based on this startling but yet so typical GOP-issued headline:

How one Congressman punked the media on the FBI letter about Clinton’s emails
P.S. – No, the FBI did not say it would “reopen” its previously closed investigation that we all saw on national TV and heard everything since.
All that chatter is mostly from the Trumpettes.

The source of this update is from here ( here in part:

FBI Director James Comey alerted Republican members of Congress on Friday (October 28, 2016) that bureau investigators would review some additional emails that might relate to Hillary Clinton’s email server. BINGO – GOP kicks into high gear:

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), the chairman of the House Oversight Committee who has already vowed to spend the next several years investigating Clinton should she be elected president, quickly rushed to announce the news, falsely claiming that the case had been “reopened.” The FBI director’s letter said no such thing – not even close.

However, it went downhill from there with tweets from Speaker Ryan, and several other House members as listed in this update link.

But, one more time, nothing in Director Comey’s letter said the case was being “reopened,” even though an array of news outlets repeated Rep. Chaffetz’s incorrect characterization.


1.  NBC News initially posted a story with this framing, later changing the headline and lede or lead, to drop the claim.

2.  USA Today tweeted, falsely, that the FBI director had said the probe was being reopened.

  The Hill and Bloomberg also got the facts wrong.

Needless to say, Trump broke into his “happy dance” all day – and that is likely to continue, since his previous lighthearted comment falls against the backdrop of his repeated and serious questioning of the legitimacy of the presidential election in recent weeks as he keeps calling the election “rigged blaming the media and establishment politicians who are conspiring to sink his campaign” as he keeps warning supporters that the presidency could be stolen from them due to voter fraud – instances that are extremely rare, that is unless he wins – then all bets are off.

So, based on these wild GOP outbursts, w/o any facts, per se, it is safe to say that this election may truly be rigged – but in favor of Donald J. Trump – if he wins based on this so far, flimsy BS mood. 

Stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by – what an historic and completely insane election cycle.

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