Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Undocumented "Immigrants" Flooding Western Structures is Worldwide Problem

Many Flee from North Africa to Europe

Walled Camps and Tent Cities Offer Some Safety

Sub-Text: Taxpayers will pay 2 million pounds for the 13-foot high, one-mile long concrete barrier along motorway to stop migrants sneaking across the Channel into the UK. 
  1. The wall will stretch nearly a mile along the main motorway to port of Calais…
  2.  It will be a 13 foot concrete barrier to replace wooden fencing that has failed to stop stowaways… 
  3.  Supporters say wall would halt the flow of migrants and keep drivers safe…
  4.  Critics claim the barrier is a “scandalous waste of taxpayer cash…”
  5.  Examine closely the two photos above to see the kind of persons sneaking into France, the UK and other EU counties as they flee their homelands. 

A few major and logical questions regarding the “who and why” of this trend over the last few years: 
  • Is it just to escape war-torn regions?
  • Is it to seek a more lucrative life in the West (a job, education)?
  • Is it to avoid military service in their own countries?
  • Is it for adventure?
  • Are they “sleeper cell” recruits? 

Will they follow instructions from terrorist-run groups already in place in countries we have seen attacks over the past year or less? Far fetched? Hardly – not in this day and age.

Look at those photos carefully: (1) Young men who appear healthy, (2) out of work, (3) probably poorly educated, (4) nothing to go back home for (no job, no opportunity, no nothing in essence), but (5) lots of hope for a new life.

Hopefully nothing nefarious as I said. But all those young men, single, even perhaps angry and certainly disgruntled. This situation warrants close scrutiny since there are so many flowing into EU countries and now apparently stretching their social networks to their limits.

In a nutshell, it is a serious security issue on top of a critical humanitarian crisis. Why are so many escaping their homelands?

Some simple possibilities: Their native government have fewer mouths to feed, fewer to house and provide for, or one less family to worry about in hard times. In short, many of governments are unstable and happy to see their citizens flee.

However, what does it say about the countries expected to take them in and provide for them. As I said, many if not most are stretched thin in many ways and then factor in the bad guys in France, Brussels, and other EU countries who have inflicted great harm and pain and death that we read and see almost daily, if not weekly. That is a major concern and freedom-loving nations may have open arms and borders and compassion, but don’t they deserve safety and security. That takes its toll on the citizens who take them and try to work with them.

I simply say to those countries where so many are fleeing that they need to clean up their own messes and provide for their own people. That is not harsh thinking, but reality. What see today on this massive scale cannot be sustained much longer in some of those generous countries.  

Finally, I want to be clear. I do not advocate more walls (ala Donald Trump who wants to block off the U.S. form Mexico) or anything of that sort. I do advocate international cooperation to end the wars in Syria and Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere to stop the killing and flow of citizens fleeing for a safety net that is getting full and stretched to their limits.

What we see is a world-wide problem that needs a world-wide solution. Thanks for stopping by.

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