Thursday, September 1, 2016

Trump Should Never Be in Any Official Position to Speak or Make U. S. Policy

A Message for All Americans on November 8, 2016
(Remember that at the polls when you vote)

His “Impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful Southern border wall”
(His words from that Phoenix Speech)

I don’t even know where to begin with this post about Trump’s visit to Mexico and subsequent immigration speech in Phoenix. But, here goes and all from my point of view. The entire story is here (check it out for more coverage).

I picture the “Wall” that Trump would build this way based on his own description in his own words from the Phoenix speech: It will look more like a tourist attraction just like everything else gigantic that Trump has ever built, and all for his own self-gratification and personal profit, and not much else.

Background: Emerging from a hastily organized meeting with Mexico's president, Trump then flew to Arizona. There he not only renewed his pledge that America’s southern neighbor would fund “an impenetrable, beautiful border wall” but added that it would be built in “record time” and at a “reasonable price,” adding: “We will build a great wall along the southern border — and Mexico will pay for the wall - 100 percent. They don’t know it yet, but they're gonna pay for the wall.” 

Then Trump hailed the “great people and great leaders of Mexico” following his visit he kept insisting, “they’re going to pay for the wall.”

In the Phoenix speech he said: “On Day One, we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall. We will use the best technology, including above and below ground sensors. That’s the tunnels. Remember that. Above and below. Above and below ground sensors, towers, aerial surveillance, and manpower to supplement the wall, find and dislocate tunnels, and keep out criminal cartels, and Mexico, you know, will work with us. I really believe it. Mexico will work with us. I absolutely believe it.”

I note: Why does Trump always repeat and reinforce words like he does so much in speeches and general talking? That is troubling to hear him repeat key words and phrases over and over and yes, I mean over and over, and again and again. So, you got what I mean now? I mean do you really have it now, or not that I mean do you got it now? (See my point).

Stay tuned for more on this for sure and yes, thanks for stopping by.

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